About Chests and Bosses in dungeons

    • About Chests and Bosses in dungeons

      I've been cleaning dungeons lately, and was wondering if there is a way to know the color of the chest apart of the gold one (which i heard the background becomes lava below the dungeon). Also, does the bosses have a relation with this? There's a boss that just guards blue or purple chests or is that all randomized?

      Sorry for any problem with my english, beforehand
    • Solo and group random dungeons consist of a set of tiles that gets randomly put together. By playing enough and knowing the tiles you can already get an idea what the next room may look like and which color the chest will have.

      Most bosses have their specific room as well, only a few of them can be found in multiple rooms as they appear as a green and blue boss or as a purple and legendary boss.