Wrong fishing areas (fresh water / salt water)

    • Wrong fishing areas (fresh water / salt water)

      Hi, I was watching the fishing guide video and was curious to see where the maps were with salt water and fresh water. And what strikes me is that there are really few T8 maps with salt water and many maps must have both salt water and fresh water. I leave you some photos of maps that do not correspond to me.

      Sandmount Ascent - Westweald Shore
      The map marked in red contains fresh water.
      The map marked in blue contains salt water.

      Sandmount Ascent is attached to the sea and has fresh water, this does not make sense. And Westweald Shore, which has a huge mountain to its left, has salt water when it should have fresh water.

      Sandrift Shore, Sunstrand Dunes, Sunstrand Delta
      Southgrove escarp

      And in this last image there are 3 maps that contain fresh water and only one contains salt water. And all 4 are glued to the sea.

      There are more maps that I consider incorrect. They are not just the ones shown in the photos.
      What would be the basis for making them like this?Because of the economy?
      What is more need for freshwater fish than for saltwater?
      Thank you for reading
      IGN: PikeSL

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