Hello Fellow Adventurers! Meet your new Community Manager :)

    • Grettings Nesnes! Congratulations for taking this challenge. I wish you the best on this new mission!

      About suggestions/things could be improved. I don't think I have much more to add or point out that hasnt been adressed already -both game developers actively working it or simple stating NO- (ping issues on certain continents/new cosmetics/bee mount/black zone status)

      Time to do some fanarts :D
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    • The cursed tree for 1v1 corrupt dungeons is always better off with a mercenary jacket to get heals back with dots. This isn't the problem though. The problem is cursed is forced to only ever consider mercenary jacket in a place like 1v1 corrupt dungeons - why?

      - as a cloth without royal boots you may simply just die because there's no heals back, unlike mercenary jacket
      - a cursred can use merc jacket heals against pve mobs, against random chests on the roads, a couple other things such as , against the vision mobs that random spawn and screw up an entire fight, completely total random chance.
      - it has high CC%, more armor, more health, The damage difference between a mercenary jacket and mage robe is barely anything.
      - merc jacket makes the cursed class feel slow to play and this is just awful design if I'm forced to go a leather jacket on a MAGE CLASS

      The people who want to main mages......, or the people who would call me a bad palyer for my off meta builds.... it's because the devs have left this game mode forgotten. It's terrible playing all of this pve, its terrible now being forced to invaded (basand it carries over from one game to the next, we know we're gonna supposed to be glass cannons basically. We know we're not supposed to be able to heal each otheer up as fast as we can. Yet we are - 1 year later sicne I've started palying CDs - for the past 3 months I've been playing cloth on cursred and finally enjoying the class - but the devs also don't let you break shrine anymore....so my entire play-style went out there window, and I just kinda die now without royal boots.

      Also the devs have invited rats back into CDS again. I haven't seen this many axe or 1h spear or blackhands (no seriously blackhands) rat this hard for a year!
      Don't forget capes are purge-able, this means if you're using martlock cape for example against a black hands that he may simply purge the capes ability. Also keeper cape is purgeable etc.

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    • hello there :) ,
      as quick idea,
      The Lore and the hype was well launch at one point of the game.
      ( that was before the attack of carleon, you could explore the world and see thing evolving. each 1or 2 week seeing the story advancing , is a HUGE change to seem alive).

      the Road of avalon gate,
      ( a huge issue is: you go in a 2man portal, and find large group boss and world boss and ava dungeon,.
      on the opposite, you go in 20man gate, and you find solo countent activity.
      make 3 different type of road cluster, with only gate of similar size. could be a idea to make those interressant.
      ( 2man's more for gather, or for lore's intel)

      . add consumable maps for solo corrupted ( reduce time finding one, giving more reason to double dip, triple dip etc.)

      the best content albion have ( for my point of view) is fight from 40 to 100 vs a similar number in open.
      the futur HQ HO will resolve clustering for domination of zone by destroying HO's,
      but for castle . far away castle can still be hold easily due to the "long" time (3min between waves respawn) ( 8 zone run time)
      ( on Mercia was 15 min per waves). adjsuting that time to be sure large group don't dominate all castle of a region can be a thing.

      for quick change, hope those idea can help.

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    • Looking forward to what you can bring Nesnes. Communication had always been a little scattered and non existant at times. Few points below.

      *Fix immediate suiciding in CDs. It is a terrible player experience robbing players from PvP fame and often player loot for a completely nonsensical reason.

      *HO HQs seem cool but what is being done to discourage massive alliances and hand holding? They only do it because the current design makes it super beneficial. Make it down right punishing instead please. Not enough real conflict happening in the BZ.

      *Are BZ Rests going to get any love at any point? Make them an actual city for example to get more people out of the Royals.
    • Welcome! :)

      As for the topics that need attention and are making alot of players quit the game, I would suggest:

      -Black Zone is dead and needs some revitalization;
      -Big coalitions destroying the competitiveness of the game by taking advantage of Cluster Queues mechanics;
      -Insanely high number of Renters favoring the RMT of the big ones;
      -Hideouts, Hideouts everywhere.
    • Hey I feel like I should bounce some ideas ive seen players be very adamant about imo such as:
      -revamping holiday events to be more fun and worth it(such as Christmas there was a specific idea about gifts and coal that i really enjoyed)
      -redo arena(better awards and more than one map)
      -reworking the unused/useless weapons
      -the outland zones should change every day/week/month whichever but itll force ppl to go to other zones for better tiers causing more content(limits the strength of renter zones and forces them to be non stagnant)as of late for id say a year now its been almost impossible to do anything solo because either youre a solo and always run into a 1vX situation or youre not a solo because you were forced to cave into everything can only be done in a group which has lead many to just stick to the royals and no risk/reward type content if they cant find a group in turn reducing content aswell and how i feel the game was originally meant to be played and what made it fun.
      -auto buy for loadouts
      none of these are my ideas but they are all very very very good ones imo, i hope you could read this and consider it. Have a good day
      ~KISHlBE(sorry for the long list)

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    • Welcome NesNes!
      I would like to see some fix in:
      -Blackzone ownership and huge alliances.
      -huge massing to an extent that theres no battle because of number difference, cluster queues (I would limit fights to 150 per side or smth like that)
      -crafting buildings in city are abusing usage fees showing 10~15% when its actually 999%
      -more endgame content or buff current content. Group and solo dungeons give no loot, make them diveable again if its the only option.
      -Fix combat status of faction outposts being ratted by a mount with 5000 hp.
      -Updates (not news, game updates) more regularly please, sometimes the game seems abandoned.
      -crystal league is only played by a few guilds, the other 1800+ guilds have no chance because of cost or practice.
      -I really dont understand how the HQs will stop alliances and renters. I dont see it being effective.
      - increase resource respawns, for every resource, in more maps. Its literally impossible to find complete resources t6-t8 and Aspects are owned by some guilds as they know the respawn times and own the maps, this only makes them richer and more powerful.

      this are some suggestions that come to me right now, hope you can address some.
    • Welcome to the Team Nesnes,
      As a content creator, it's amazing to see a Community Manager, Bless this day!

      I would like to raise some concerns I do hope you might be able to help with, also I think these issues would help the game a lot.

      1. Content Creator Program.
      Almost any popular MMO has a content creator program now [WoW, FFXIV, GW2, Crowfall, and so on...]
      It really motivates creating content about a game, when you feel you are [Inside] and not just doing content.
      Ofc the program needs some kind of "Requirement" for being able to join, so not everyone can just join, but actually, meaningful content creators, to represent the game.

      2. Content Creator Discord
      For most of the games I'm already partnered with, they have a Discord only for the content creators.
      This helps arming the content creators to become ready for new updates, since all talk in there is "NDA", so you can trust the people in there.
      This also helps Albion Online Content creators to colab, and have a "Secret" place to talk about Colabs and ideas for videos/Streams.

      3. Content Creator Referal link
      In many MMOs, they have Referal link, which is cool [not needed].
      It's really helping the content creator to motivate him/her to sell the game, since if anyone uses the content creators code, [and do something in the game like lvling to Tier 4 in 7 days or buy ingame currency] rewards the content creator with maybe 10% of the used money?
      This is just a key factor, and really motivates the content creator pushing the game, and wanting everyone to play it with them.
      Just look at Fortnite, they have Creator codes, and many other MMO's have it too, but cant talk about that, since its under NDA.

      This is everything I wanted to raise with you Nesnes, My Point 1 and 2, is the most important, and I really hope to see some love on these.
      Already now, Corepunk & Lost Ark, has a creator program, which probably will be your biggest competitor.
      So why would Streamers/Creators make content for Albion [who doesn't want to see them as partners], instead of making content for Corepunk/Lost Ark, [which accepts them as partners].

      I hope my wall of text make sense, and I cant wait to see the game grow.

      Best Regards
      Content Creator, YouTuber & Streamer.
      All about Gaming, Tech & Smartphones.
      My Youtube Channel
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    • Welcome Nesnes!

      With the upcoming HQ update, I think the game will be in a good state.

      I’ve read through all the answers, and I have 4 unique suggestions that would improve the game.

      1. I am not a content creator myself and I don’t plan on being one. But I enjoy watching content from many of them, so I think that the content and the spread of the game would be greatly improved if a content creator program is put in place.

      2. I think this is a really minor thing, but I spent a ton of time in this game without knowing where I could get another Bank tab. Who thought it would be under the “Manage” button? I expected it to be under the “Bank” main tab in the dropdown list.

      3. A medium change I think would be very useful is the improvement of spell tooltips. As an intermediate player, I would love to see what numbers scale with the IP of the item. The last changes on the tooltips were great, sure, but I’ve seen some inconsistencies with the actual spell. Just writing “(IP^)” after a number would be enough - this would mean that if the IP goes up, that spell stat will go up as well. Same would go for the item stats. I know that you may be able to compare the items in the shop, but sometimes you’re not able to do that and you still need the info.

      4. A bigger change would be to rework the Loadouts. The concept is great, and I am really sad developers abandoned the idea. Imagine being able to buy 5 more PvE sets by only clicking 3 buttons. Or regearing from just 2 buttons. By rework, the system should give the players more flexibility on what item is ok for a slot. Afaik, you can select more than a tier, exactly a tier, and lower than a tier. I believe you can modify it such that base item power is used (so enchantment and quality are also considered).

      I know there is a lot of text, but even if only one half of a change is implemented I would be the happiest Albion player.
    • bienvenido, a ver si se mejora la comunicación, que es nefasto ultimament,, el correo de support tiene correos de hace meses sin responder,, mejor poner varios correos , o avisar de que hay que hacer el ticket y no por el correo ,, que casi todos los contactos que propone albion es por el correo que ahora tiene pinta de que nadie lo esta gestionando.