Best Great Druid pvp build

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    • Best Great Druid pvp build

      Hello, I know that druid staffs at the moment are not that strong.
      I would like to ask what is in your opinion best great druid staff pvp build ( I know about other staffs but I am talking about great druid).
      For now I am using
      hunter hood, great druid, mercenary jacket, guardian boots.
    • U cannot currently play competitive great nature or any other beside blight in solo pvp..

      Blight is: royal boots, thetford cape, mage cowl on poison, assa Jacket on infernal, cool down food, poison.

      Blight on blessing vs most, on cleanse vs death curse or heavy cc.


      The build will be destroyed with next patch into oblivion
    • they really want to make nature and holy a healer exclusive weapon
      and by they i mean the community including me who have been abused by nature and holy's healing in corrupted dungeons

      it used to be abit of everything giving rise to brawler druid but in corrupted dungeons it was too strong to fight head on
      most builds either full run from nature or take advantage of its immobility to kill him thats why you dont see it as top tier in murder ledger

      if i am not mistaken it has reached top 50 before i believe not hyper top tier due to hallowfall and frost and tombhammer but it was strong non the less

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    • Thank you for your answers guys but sorry you misunderstood my question: I was not asking about which nature staff is better ( I know about blight staff and about the nerf is coming with next build about the slow down) or whatever about nature in corrupted, just wanted to know in the actual situation which build with great druid staff is the best ( even if is not competitive which one do you think is the best inside the worst), I am talking about super cheap builds without fancy staff as royal equipments or faction capes

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    • Sounds like you just want to mess around. You can get away with playing anything in Stalker if you know how PvP works. So you could win some fights there with great nature if you insist on playing it. But you will have no success in Slayer level.
    • I understand you're asking about the Great Nature staff (one of my fav weps). Which type of content are you asking about, though?

      Great Nature works best in a duo/trio in openworld. Here's the build I use:

      scholar/cleric cowl
      cleric robe
      guardian boots
      martlock cape
      avalonian pork omelette
      resist pots
      Fusionbomb - GM of Morbidly_Obese

      T8 Gatherer
      T7 Fishing
      700 Holy Spec
    • Great nature is the best at being a pocket healer for some sort of 2vX content against new players.

      Getting a friendly from 5% health up to 100% health in half a second is one of the best feelings you can have in this game as a healer, and the great nature does something interesting the other nature/holy staves don't.

      It also can be useless garbage if purged or inturrupted so you're either really happy with it or really sad.