Suggestion [ Transport contracts ]

    • Suggestion [ Transport contracts ]

      I have an idea about introducing transport contracts to the game.

      Purpose: Allowing players to commision transport items from ,point one'' to ,,point two" without risk of scam.

      Example: I want my 6 stacks of t5 leather be transported from Bridgewatch to Martlock

      1)Principal of transport goes to the NPC, gives 6 stacks of t5 leather to NPC, sets value of package and reward for transporter

      2)Transporter goes to NPC, search for the most profitable contract, pays "value of package to the NPC" as ensurance (in case he dies while transporting) then takes package that lock 6 slots in his inventory and weigh the same amount as 6 stacks of leather.
      Case 1: Transporter reaches ,,point two", he gives package to NPC, gets value of package back (the ensurance) and his reward. Principal of transport get notification about result of transport, principal gets his 6 stacks of leather from NPC
      Case 2: Transporter dies to gankers, transporter drops package that will be immediately changed to 6 stacks of leather and part of it get trashed, transporter losses his ,value of package money", principal get notification about his package got captured and get his value of package that he set at the beginning.

      Free market of transport contracts will come up with fair contracts. Due to the rule: ,,high risk high reward. The higher value of transport, the higher reward. Market should be balanced. Value of package will be limit for some players. Some of principals would lower their value of package than actual worth of items so more players will be willing to transport their package but when transport will be captured principals will losse the difference between actual value and value set while creating package. There should be added limit for completing the transport run(12h or 24) so people will not block items for ever. In case time runs out, principal should get ,,value of package" silver and items should be trashed.

      This mechanic should help some new players earn first silver by transporting between royal cities. Transports to Caerleon will change for big caravans that will need to be protected.

      Tell me what do you think about that idea and what are they ways that people can exploit this mechanic.
    • I like the idea and it could be used even in the rest in black zones.

      For the exploit, 2 ideas to prevent focused ganking.
      First every package should be splitable and distributed along the day such that no one knows when the packages has been taken.
      Second is that every package should be an anonymous package without any distinguible features, only the weight appears.
    • Of course, the whole idea is taken from EVE Online... what is not bad, cos if it works there, it could work here.
      Just take the experience on Transport Contracts on EVE Online, and use the same rules here.

      There, there's even guilds (Red Frogs) focused only on transport contracts, and they set the market rules.
      That's it, they set the risk they are willing to manage: max fine per package, max weight per package, and closed reward per distance.
      That's to prevent scams by ordering the transport of heavy weight but no-value stuff, or an oversized fine for transport just 1 trash item.

      Also, they can trade the cargo beween players, so one can get the contract, but the transport is done by an alt, so gankers don't stalk well-known transporters or the "focused on transport" guild's members.
      There, the guild is who pays the fine, so they can afford to get bigger contracts and afford the loses.
      Then, the guild share the packages between it's members, like a delivery company with employees does:
      - I have to go to Thetford later, there's any package Caerleon > Thetford waiting?
      - Guys, we have been asked about a risky transport through BZ. Everybody should help on this transport on tonight's CTA.

      Also have to mention that on EVE Online, this transport guilds were respected and treated as neutral.
      Guilds ganking their transports could be blacklisted to them, and they would not take his contracts.

      Another interesting thing about the Red Frogs is that they have divisions: Green Frogs, Black Frogs, Golden Frogs... that works like separate guilds focused on different kinds of transports/locations.
      Let's say: between Royal cities, just to or from Caerleon, between the Outlands Rests, or high priority custom transports between HO's on BZ or Ava's.

      I hope that something of this helps you on your request, so the Devs get interest on it.
      Ex-EVE Online player, former Albion Online and satisfied player.
    • There was talk of something similar on devtalk in December 2020.
      They were supposedly planning to introduce something like trade contracts, and many other things.
      However, the SBI seems to have forgotten about that, because now there's no mention of those things...
      Or maybe it was just a Christmas lie, who knows...

      Play the video around 5:25 and you'll see...

    • I like the idea.
      To add - would be good to introduce a 'nested containers' concept to make haulers looks more like a .. haulers (so you can pack items inside one inventory 'cell' instead ot several).
      Also, it could inspire devs to invent new mounts (or tweak existing ones). Market of mounts, in general, will bloom since more mounts will die due to ganks.
      Seems win-win to me.