Royal Boots

    • what a god awful change, "its purgeable" isn't really a valid excuse every boot is purgeable. It gives full on stun/snare resist and then turns you into the flash? You might as well bring back the old graveguard boots because this is worse. This is tantamount to giving soldier boots CC immunity before they reach full stacks lmao. Just look at the rankings now, what the actual fuck were you guys thinking?

      This is the kind of dumb assery that makes me not even want to log into albion anymore.
    • LucasR wrote:

      ridiculous, u just cant outrun this thing, use it with broadswords, frost or mace and congrats u have a shitty meta. this game is dead for me. almost 2b pvp fame already but it has been the last drop
      haha - i love these Boots..

      You can abuse these so easy..

      Use broadsword or claymore..prestack ..activate boots and run through entire dungeon with prestack ..mrefresh with iron ..or chest... And E u opponent even at the end of the dungeon at fight start for a heavy advantage.

      I have stopped trying to help balance..i just use now what is broken...

      And it is very simple..with these boots, sword prestack and Blackhands rush is damned broken..

      If they fix the boots it is 1h mace again...

      Topic bats..just intrude ...brake 2 shards and play on the last ..for pvp farm..

      I have given so up on trying to consult on fixing broken things they do resistant to advise..