Dev Update: Outland Power Balance, Next Season and Update Progress

    • Sedi107 wrote:

      @Korn is it going to be posible to maintain the hq status if you place it in zone where you dont play at the prime time? for example if most of my guild plays at 0utc but we decide to place the hq in a zone where the prime time is at 15utc to reduce the amount of people camping the hq.
      Provided you can get enough energy throughout the times when you do play to keep the HQ energized then you can place it in any time zone you qualify for. HQ status makes it immune to prime time declarations. It's unknown at this point when energy spawns, how random it is, if there is more or less during prime time, etc. but genreally if you are active in a zone and contesting the energy for your HQ with enough players you'll be able to sustain it unless there are too many other HQ/HO in the zone from other guilds and they are getting the energy before your players can.

    • I saw the recent patch notes fixed some weapons, my question now is .... a long time ago i wrote a ticket that blazing E is not worki g as it should... when is this finally getti g a fix? Or will it be forgotten as the bearpaws E wich still doesnt work right after 2+ years...
      i just made a video about the damage, its 2 youtube clips, 1 is when a player leaves the AOE skill of the blazing :
      and this clip is where the player stands in the whole AOE :
      as you can see in both clips the player receives the standard damage per 0.5sec as intended but in both scenarios he doesnt get the extra damage of 1sec