Dev Update: Outland Power Balance, Next Season and Update Progress

    • Trial_hard wrote:

      well if u insist, i even kill from time to time a dual sword in CD but that doesn't mean the weapon is in a state that it makes any sense...
      you mean enigmatic, which is an arcane, which provides shield, because its a support/utility weapon? yes, it does make sense.

      Or is frost slowing not make sense?
      Or longbow doing damage not making sense?

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    • Eltharyon wrote:

      To break the rental dynamics, guilds will be able to - with the right effort and subject to restrictions - turn one, and only one, of their Hideouts into a so-called HQ. An HQ is a Hideout that can only be used by guild members and, as long as it is maintained through open world activity, cannot be attacked through CTAs. The effort required to establish and maintain it is based on the quality of the zone the HQ is in.
      Sometimes I wish Hideouts are actually hidden instead of displayed on the map.
    • Eltharyon wrote:

      • Work on the static dungeons is proceeding and they have already received multiple new entrances each, allowing players to enter from surrounding regions. We’re also working on the overhaul of mobs and their rewards as well as integrating the new upgrade system into these Dungeons as well

      So what you're saying is, anyone can go into any neighboring regions static dungeon? I dont know if you know who Habibe is but he plagued/blessed us with his presence for months diving our static dungeon. As fun/not fun as this was, we generally had a good balance of chasing him, catching him vs him making it to the static dungeon to which we would give up the chase. However it seems like this update with make static dungeons one of the most dangerous places to fame farm without additional reward. We cant see when someone comes in. We cant see where they came in. We dont even know if its a blob following them. Why would anyone do a static dungeon when the risk is far greater than the reward in regard to this new update? *if i misunderstood this update please elaborate*
    • I think HQ really doesnt solve the large groups issue.

      Even if your hideout is safe with that mechanic , you are still inside a zone controled by another guild which probably will be hostile to you if you dont pay rent , so once again is better to just pay and be friends with the territory owner , so you can do content with muchl less risk.

      An idea would be to make hideout ONLY accesible by the guild that build it (and obvisouly limit the number of them per guild) . So networks of hideouts no longer benefit the full alliance or hand holding alliances and guilds would be forces to only operate withing a much closer range of action
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    • In general, I like the concept of the hideout changes - basically trying to tie 'having a hideout' to 'doing open world stuff in the hideout zone'. However, it doesn't sound like the current hideouts are going to be more expensive to maintain or otherwise disincentivized. Rather, the new super hideouts will be invincible. As a result, I am not sure this change will have what I assume is the intended effect -- limiting the number of HOs placed by mega zergs in the blackzone, which effectively makes every zone a 'whack a mole' of safe zones.

      My general feedback:
      Open world = good!
      Horizontal progression (more weapons/armors/trees) = good!
      Vertical progression (more spec levels) = bad!
    • Eltharyon wrote:

      Outlands Treasures are coming along and the Power Vortex feature has been split into two distinct features: Power Vortices which yield “Power Crystals” (used to boost Territories) and those which yield “Power Cores” (used to boost Hideouts and maintain Hideout HQs). These features will offer spontaneous small scale PvP in the Outlands, as they pop up spontaneously and are only visible to players nearby
      Maybe require all HOs and Hqs to use power crystals. Higher level zones require more power cores but they get more power crystals and HQs get a reduction bonus. For example each zone can only support 8 HQs or 4 normal HOs. This would make the higher tier zones much more active with people having to harvest the crystals.
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    • Ferndor wrote:

      The word is going around that hideout entry becomes an interruptible channel. This would be a really important step to improve black zone content. Can you please confirm or deny this point?
      A two second (or around that) channel for entering a HO, except for your HQ, that doesn't require a channel at all. That would be very nice, IMO. :)
    • Promising changes but still a lot of things that needs to be addressed:

      Season point sharing: It's an outdated mechanic that punishes guilds for being in the same alliance instead of handholding with different tags.

      Zerg debuff: Never worked as intended. Still easy to dodge and forced to play around it to stay competitive. only encourages people to work around the system in its current iteration

      Cluster queue: Same as Debuff. Easily abuseable

      More medium-sized open world content: fights with less than 100 people on each side is imo the most enjoyable size for zvz, both content and lag wize. Atm there isnt anything to do with 20+ people outside castles/outposts/terries which usually turns into a cluster queue 400 man lagfest. Outposts are unrewarding compared to the risk off the main cta timers.

      10v10 Hellgates: Feels more like a fame farm session than an actual place to PvP. 10v10s are empty most of the day and once you do match, the skill difference makes it a quick affair defeating the purpose of the infamy system. Maybe this is due to the lack of 10 man teams but in that case it'd be smarter to have the 10v10s only being open certain times a day.

      Risk VS Reward being dead: This is probably the most important one. Risk vs Reward used to be the core system albion revolved around. The open world tweaks and hideout limitations will definitely help with this issue but it's far from enough imo. The most efficient way of fame farming currently with 0 time spent making a group are solo dungeons in the black zone which closes after 90 seconds making you 100% safe. Other than that you can do avalonian/group dungeons with scouts at the entrance making surviving feel trivial, do corrupted dungeons with an escape build focusing on money/fame or do hardcore expeditions. Not a gatherer myself but from what i've been hearing from veteran players it's also relatively safe gathering nowadays with hideouts, mist entrances, zone entrances and special mounts.

      List goes on but this is what i could think off the top of my head.
    • Eltharyon wrote:

      In order to be able to establish such a Hideout - if you don’t already have one - guilds who reach a high enough season score in the previous season will be able to instantly complete a Hideout once per season and turn it into an HQ, however, the zone quality in which you can do that will heavily depend on your total score in the previous season. And after you have placed it, you will have to maintain it just the same.
      Ty for make more difficoult to people create small guilds and living in bz ;D. it will make this game less handhold ( LEL )

      I wont spent my lifetime playing a rpg meanwhile blockchain games are blowing around the world. Mostly of players playing albion because they like to play . but if i had to spent thousands of hours just to place a HO/HQ in a shit zone surrounded by enemies , i preffer join on any big guild and continues the HH . Nice idea : -1/10 .

      Place a lvl2 HO its around 40m / Imagine upgrading it to HQ . there's no sense or did you think the ''rest's'' are a good place for new guilds ?

      If sbi do this pathetic change , the only option for small guilds will be renting on shit HO on avalon or join in those pathetic rent alliances .
    • it doesn't change anything...
      pushing content that is not needed (hideouts) since they appeared there are always problems with them and they are abused... Rest's are cool, instead of creating content around them you push hideouts.

      The only place where hideouts should exist is on the roads.

      BZ - terri should be the main "safe" point in BZ
      unlimited possibilities, can be balanced in all ways, 1v1,2v2,5v5,10v10,20v20,open world ZVZ.

      cluster timers - i dont know why clusters are not mixed yet, each cluster should have different time than the neighboring cluster.

      scout's - plague everywhere, world boss,famefarm,etc.. it is abused to excess.

      cluster que - who invented this system at all, you might as well add ZVZ instances... bring back the system where each player is counted individually and risk=reward more IP goes first.
      (players want to randomly participate in fights)

      debuff - abused, does not work as it should. example factions no debuff, best fun.