Chat muting and the unchecked powers of MODs

  • Chat muting and the unchecked powers of MODs

    I have been muted from English channel chat today twice. No warning, no explanation. I love the English channel because we pretty much joke around with each other and have enough common sense to know that we are joking with each other. The people that are supposed to be adults so we don't have to worry about keeping things clean. Everyone there has fun and we all know that when you say is all in fun and not to be taken seriously. Apparently today, a MOD was monitoring our channel I guess because I've never had a problem there ever until today. The first time I got muted it was for an hour. And I'm not talking about getting ready from the English channel I'm talking about getting needed from the entire chat system!! I couldn't even see the whisper to a friend or accept an invitation to a party!!! No explanation for what it happened, but I assume whoever the MOD was didn't join the English channel very often and obviously wasn't familiar with the way we joke around here. So after the banning, I went back and told the guys there what happened to me it was in order a banned again, except this time for 3 hours!! This time they were considerate enough to give me a reason: For publicly discussing the decision of a MOD. I KID YOU NOT! I understand that, for the most part, MODs are there to do a good thing but, they really are given a lot of power and are not really monitored themselves on how they perform their jobs. If you're going to take away my ability to communicate in any way for 3 hours, you may as well just ban me from logging in at all because I can't really play the way I do if I can't join or look for groups. As a premium subscription holder playing on mobile device, I think I should be getting a little more consideration than this considering I am paying $15 a month to play a game on my phone....
    I would like to be able to have this situation reviewed by someone higher level than the MOD who brought it on me. I don't think this is too much to ask from the devs of Sandbox, considering I have tried my best to financially support the game for a long time. Please, I ask you to get back to me on this. Until today, Albion Online was my #1 favorite MMORPG ever....
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