Creation of an Gathers Guild/Collective

    • Creation of an Gathers Guild/Collective

      So I was thinking of putting together a guild/collective group to just gather and refine resources out there.

      We would not only gather resources, we would have groups that would support each other.

      With this we would have weekly goals based on what level each group/person in the group is at.

      We would set goals on T level of resources. So if our Mining Group is at T4, we would be setting the weekly goal of say 20 - 30 stacks of T2 ore, the following week could be the same goal, just now we are going to be going after T3 ore, and so forth.

      We would have groups for Farming as well. We would help those out with Private Islands to make out their farming plots on their island to help maximize farming output.

      By then of the week would we take 50% of all of the resources to maket. Of the total amount made, 15 - 20% would go in to the guild bank and the reast would get split amoungst the guild memeber that took part in assisting for the week/month. This way we can continue to assist the members of the guild, and still make some silver while doing it.

      We would ask everyone to have their private island or need to buy one so that plats can be maked out for farming as there are some many different items to farm for or raise live stock.

      Guild island will be setup with all of the vendors and such we need for crafting items to take to market as well.

      Now this system is not perfect, however it can be discussed further and then modified as we move this forward.
    • Since this was posted, alot in the direction has changed. As I was looking for some solid input, and now that I have this in practice, and making changes as I go, there are more value to the members of this guild. As of this time we are still in the beginning stages of building/growing.

      We are built more around newer players that are needing to make silver and level up there gathering skills at the same time.
      We also offer more value by them taking on filling journals while they are gathering. In doing this they make a per journal, silver pay out. So again while helping the guild in filling journals they are also making silver for their time, as well as making silver based on a full stacks of said teir resource.

      I will continue to update in the progress of this venture and how it moves forwards.

      I have no problem with taking in productive constructive input from others. Like I said before let me know your thoughts, as I continue to update on the progress.

    • liriose wrote:

      So you want slave workers that enjoy gathering to group around you ?
      I don't see anyone wanting to go in this guild given that you don't provide anything valuable for your members.
      No, not at all. As in the beginning was working more of an basic idea. Not looking for "Salve" workers as you so horribly put it. Just becuaee I didnt list the what the return on time/investment was for those who come on board, does not mean there is none. Your assumption, as it was, is aunfounded, and misleading on the intent of the orginal post.

      As I have stated above, there is value to this guild and for its members. Not only do they make silver while working on goals for the guild. Which is win win.