How fast do X.3 equipment sell?

    • How fast do X.3 equipment sell?

      I got a hefty amount of T4 and T5 equipment in dungeons, and I was thinking about how much profit can I get enchanting and selling them. By far, the 4.3 and 5.3 showed the biggest profit margins, so I was about to consider enchanting them to sell (enchanting to .3 was aproximately 200k for a claymore, which sells for 300k). However, I don't really know if players buy these weapons often, due to the cheaper value of T6.0 and T6.1. It's worth a guaranteed T5.2 or do I go for the 5.3?
    • You can expand the market tab for the item and see how many times it was bought/sold over the last 24hours/week. If it sells at the rate you're looking for then go for it.
      I think generally non-artifact 4.3/5.3 aren't super popular, exactly because 6.x is usually cheaper.
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    • It will also depend upon the item. Certain weapons and armours used in Crystals, HG or ZvZ people will use the 4.3 / 5.3 because the t6/7/8 artifacts are too expensive.

      As recommended, look at the buy history tab and check the equivalent IP level to further justify the price.