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      Any chance the game could get a mailbox system to help guilds distribute regears, prizes, and payouts to their members? Here's an example of how it could work:

      Each city has a mailbox
      Mailboxes can only hold a certain amount of items and silver (ex. 64 item slots, 10,000 weight, 10 million silver)
      Players can use the mailbox to send items and silver to other players (ex. Player A sends a Beef Stew and 2000 silver to Player B)
      Players can customise their mailbox to allow only certain people to send them items (ex. Player B can set their mailbox to only accept deposits from guild or alliance members)
      Mailboxes cannot transport items or silver from city to city, if Player A sends Player B the Beef Stew and 2000 silver using the Thetford mailbox, Player B must pick up the parcel in Thetford.

      Thoughts? Right now it seems all the trades have to be done in person, which is a hassle when it comes to large amounts of players and differing time zones. The mailbox could act as an intermediary that would help decrease the unfun bureaucracy of managing a guild. Maybe using the mailbox could have an associated silver fee to act as a money sink and as a cost for convenience.
    • issue would arise for rmt to have another avenue to be watched (only downside of your idea that i see tbh).

      Sounds interesting enough and i could see people use it instead of managing regears through guild islands and chest spam and access changes all the time and so on.
      could save silver and proof of it would be easy enough to show.
    • The RMT discussion on send items or silver??


      There is a ton of ways to transfer silver that is much more tricky to monitor..

      1) shared smelters
      2) skin or valuable item trades that are sold later
      3) potion buys that have been mispriced...nice scam or RMT?
      4) access to chest and pseudo robbing
      5) Duell ..named dressed..was the one just bad or did he transfer 20 Mio?

      The list can be prolonged a lot..

      So the argument that mailing silver to player islands is void..

      The only thing that needs to make items it would be heavy the Transport restrictions