dear sbi pls nerf royal boots

    • merc jacket by itself is not OP it is the combination of fast hitting skills/dots and the innate tankyness of leather armor which makes it feel like you are figthing a semi stacked soldier armor

      where it has the best of both worlds damage and tankyness or so called "perfect leather armor"

      where cultist is healing and weak to CC but gives insane resist to help block large hits

      merc is suppose to be slower healing while in combat but with how many ticks of damage curse and other dots can do it became an instant heal instead
      it was suppose to be weak to purge but with the spectre helm that is some what negated

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    • Maybe the issue with the royal boots is the cooldown it self. When you use royal sandals skill, the cooldown reset after the buff ends. With royal boots, it doesn't happen.Right after you use the skill, the skill is reseted and is able to use right after 30 seconds. With royal sandals, you use the skill, the cooldown start after the 7 seconds of the buff. Total cooldown: 37s against 30 of the boots.
    • Sethis wrote:

      This fix in 1% does not matter. Even with 70% move speed they will be 1.5 times faster than any others boots in the game.
      I agree it needs to go down another 0.5 - 1% but the issue is that if they do this then Maces just become pure meta again because they have done nothing about the year long complaints about BOP helmet. Nerf speed nerf bop helmet and let us have some fun.