A new Politics and War Mechanic idea.

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    • A new Politics and War Mechanic idea.

      I have been playing Albion for a while now and i was in a big guild. The thing what i never got were the Politics. Only Guild leaders were involved in the politics (via discord or other similarities). I have a great idea in my opinion how we could improve that aspect of the game and it is pretty simple. Introduce a Civilization similar Diplomacy that allows guilds and alliances to do non-aggressive pacts, allow them to trade resources and allow them to start wars. Also a good feature would be that the Guilds and Alliances can post Job offerings for Gathering, Refining and Crafting. Also in the Diplomacy aspect that the Guild and Alliance members can vote (so the small person in the Guild or Alliance has a voice too). In the War aspect i was thinking that you're guild or alliance can declare a war without any penalties but also can launch a surprise war with some penalties (i was not thinking about this part but somewhat of a Disarray Debuff to the attackers who declared a surprise war).
      Let me know what you think.