Good Duo Combos? - Can you carry as a healer?

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    • Good Duo Combos? - Can you carry as a healer?

      hello, new player question:

      i would like to ask, what are some good duo combos for my friend and me.
      i have moba experience (LoL diamond), but my friend has not and honestly isn't very good.

      i know he likes to play melee. so i thought maybe some less mechanical weapon for him, where he can just go in and me as a healer.
      but i dont know if healer is best "class" for carrying in this game?

      if it is, what would be some easy melee weapons + healer combos?
      if it is not, what would be some nice combos where i am able to carry and he has some easy melee weapon?

      thanks for the help!

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    • Gabumon wrote:

      For carrying as a healer as a duo, great holy staff with fiend robe is a powerful combination, since it has pretty solid CC and healing. Your friend could play dual daggers, pretty common 2vs2 weapon with high power.
      Thanks for the reply!

      Is a healer mandatory for duo pvp in this game? Or are you able to carry without a healer too?

      I mean, it is not like i want to play a healer, i just thought like in traditional MMOs, you often have 1 dps and 1 healer, where the healer has the most challenging job.
    • For duo pvp if you're looking to beat any group with size over 3 with a healer in relatively equal or lower IP than the opponent, I think healer is mandatory.

      For competitive 2v2's you can get by in double dps, and honestly open world too if you hard commit to having strong escape at the expense of other things.

      Healer is rewarding and fun and if you don't play with enough other healers you can get stuck in the role since it's pretty much needed in any larger group.
    • Nothing in this game is crazily mechanically challenging, but I do think healers have one of the harder roles to play.

      For easy melee weapons to put friends on that are also viable, I'd suggest greataxe and pike.

      The best healing stick for super small scale is usually a holy staff, 1h holy - great holy - hallowfall come to mind.
      Great nature or druidic would be the nature equivalents, also playable but you'd have to work around them.
    • @decand

      Awesome! That are exactly the answers i was looking for! Thank you very much!

      Some follow-up question (when you have time):
      1. For double dps comp 2v2, any weapons you would suggest go well with a great axe or pike? Or does it not really matter? EDIT: If you want, you can link me resources instead, so i can research it myself. Not sure what the right resources are for looking up 2v2 stuff.
      2. Could you give an example for open world double dps? (with strong escape as you mentioned)
      3. You said, healers are one of the harder roles to play, what are other hard roles?

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    • 1. murder ledger is a solid place to find 1v1 builds, I can't recall what the 2v2 website was (if it's out there, I thought there was one), but if you go look at the kills and deaths of the highest 2v2 infamy players sometimes you can usually get a feel for what high end 2s players wear. (same goes for 5v5 and 10v10)

      2. either two bruisers on undead cape soldier boots, or a CC and damage dealer like grailseeker+1hdagger, tombhammer+blazing, or even occult+crossbow

      3. my main experience in the game is in midscale fights, 5v5-15v15, and there's a lot of people that play tank but only a few that play tank well. depending on the matchup it may be the harder / more important role. in low skill fights tanks run around like monkeys, but when they actually do things like preventing heals, setting up damage, or reducing enemy damage they can decide a fight. almost nothing in albion is crazy mechanically, it's more about doing the right thing at the right time and standing in the right places. bad league players can become pretty good albion players.