Suggestion - Add a button to walk.

    • Suggestion - Add a button to walk.

      The game I think is not always just math for everyone. Many of us like to feel that we are inside a credible world, we use the /e to role-play or make humor with our characters or emotes. But the game other than the emotes, gives few tools to play in imaginative ways.

      I have a good memory of when I first played "Ultima Online" with my friends. A high level magician appeared to us, and made us a kind of role / walk through a forest, while he told us a story and took us to a place. On the way there were monsters and we were killing them. That day we lived an adventure that only the imagination created, and when someone new comes to the game and I come across them, I always try to talk to them in a funny way as if my character were real.

      That is why an option to force walk when I want, I think I could add something very simple, that the most difficult mathematicians in the game will not know how to value, but that can generate situations of calm and very important adventures for others.

      Albion is a non-linear game, and the stories we have to create ourselves, but I think we need more tools to be able to make this world richer, not just thinking about being Tier8 and seeing what things are now more broken in combat.

      Being able to sleep in a bed, sit in chairs, or add more emotes would be great things, but I understand that they are more complex. But I think that adding a button to force the speed that I want (in this case I think it would be worth walking) I think it would be a lot of fun depending on what situations and would be easier tools to play than adding skills. Thanks for reading me!

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