Sudden ping spike in different regions, dungeons, and avalonian portals

    • Sudden ping spike in different regions, dungeons, and avalonian portals

      My ping keeps on rising or dropping on different regions and whenever i go inside a dungeon or corrupted dungeons.

      For example when i just logged in to my account and i am in our guild island, my ping is in 250 but when i teleport to the city that our guild island is connected to, the ping suddenly spikes to 800 but when i go out to the next zone my ping suddenly goes back to 250 but then again if i try to go inside dungeons either corrupted or solo, avalonian portals, and group dungeons my ping suddenly goes back to 800 but sometimes is stays to 250.

      pls help, i want to play this game
    • Hi there,

      This sounds a lot like your PC has a hard time when trying to cope with a lot of entities.

      One thing that could help you is to turn off name tags. Especially in high-density areas like royal cities, I found this to be easier on my pc.

      Turning down your graphic settings in general could also help.

      If you have trouble in areas with a lot of greenery, try turning off the "animated vegetation" option in your video settings.

      For any further technical advice you can also always ask the support :)

      Hope this helps a little bit.
    • Yeah mate, playing from Australia here 220ms with a VPN. It sound like the spike you get when moving from a low population area (Island) to a high population one (City). The bit that throws me is that you get a spike going into a dungeon. Unless there are a bunch of players hiding down there you shouldn't see much of a lag spike.

      You could try setting graphics as lows as they will go, turn off all the shadows and animations etc then see if you are still getting the same spikes. If it's the same then it's mostly network load, try using a VPN. Mudfish is decent and cheap if you just pay for what you use.