look at the image a kid flexing his loot T8 cryptcandle artifact from group dungeon chest in YELLOWZONE. yes in fcking yellowzone!
      what the fck is happening here? i'm almost a 3year old player but i never expirienced to loot that kind of loot in my entire time in albion i'm so fcking jelous and makes me angry. why?

      we frequent died in BZ with high value of gear while doing group dungeons meanwhile these babies in YZ with 6.3 MP sets "WITHOUT RISK" gain such a reward and we people in BZ not? why?

      we live in BZ becoz of high fame, high rewards and for pvp fights but wheres the good rewards as that kid has gained?

      that kind of drops or rewards should be obtainable only in BZ that must be it or else all of these YZ, RZ, BZ rewards percentage is fcking LIE and absolut trash!
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    • I mean I don't mean to be rude ... I've been playing the game now for months ... But the whole ``higher risk higher reward`` ppl keep dropping is all bs.

      For example I did over 70 avalonian dungeons now (7.1 7.2 7.3 8.1).
      I don't mean to be rude again. But I make more silver any time of the day in a stalker CD than I ever did in an avalonian dungeon. 100k worth of chest loot? Are you joking me or what? I make 100k in 5 minutes flipping black market in caerleon. And all I have to do is run from marketplace to black market npc on a tier 3 horse.

      HCE? ... HCE. I don't even say more.

      Group dungeons in black zone? Please. I make more fame in stalker CD with a 20k set going out on a donkey ...

      I am seriously very dissapointed.