Guild Master not able to change perms for Guild Island away from Custom

    • Guild Master not able to change perms for Guild Island away from Custom

      Hello, well I was building some guild islands for use for a few different things. I wanted to set them up as Public after I had set to Custom and noticed the EVERYONE feature under Visitor doesn't work. So when I went back onto the toon that held the GM role for that guild I went to try and set it to Public and it says "You don't have permission to do this" and same for Private and Guild. You would think if anything it would be able to set back to Guild. What is going on with this? Anyone have a fix for it that doesn't include remaking the guild?
    • Hey there,

      The access mode of every island is always custom by default and this option cannot be changed - this is normal (imagine how your island list would look like if players could set their islands to "public").

      Island access rights can be set in more detail below this option, so you can specify who you want to have access to your island:
      • if you want the personal island to be "private", then don't add anyone to the access list
      • if you wish to make it only accessible to your guild, then add your guild to the access list
      • and you cannot make it public, for the reason stated above
    • Actually the default was Guild then I moved it to Custom. Now I can understand the idea about the issue with Public listing being long, but I've had plenty of them before that were not any guild or person I knew but I could go to their island, I take it then that there was a change in an update during some time I spent away from the game. Well this sucks, there goes my idea of being a world merchant able to run a guild island off of every city allowing everyone to come visit and use my cheap tax stations. Guess the "cartel" that holds all the plots in the city badgered SBI till they did this so no one could break their monopoly hold on them that way.
    • Hi there,

      You can check the access rights on those islands by viewing the board. As Elsa already said, they probably gave access to your guild or alliance if you can visit the island.

      Not having the option to set it to public is simply a matter of practicality. The list of available islands would be endless if players could do that.

      I'm not sure if you are aware, but using a station on an island will decrease the resource return rate that you get when crafting, which is why most people use the city for that.

      I'm not entirely sure if you can make up for that by having decreased tax rates, but you can calculate that when looking at the expenses for food etc.

      You can btw give access to specific alliances or guilds if you wish to do so. Maybe communicate with their leaders if they would be interested in using your islands stations.
      As far as I'm aware, you can add up to 50 slots on the permission board. That does add up to a considerable amount of players if you play your cards right.

      I hope that helped a little bit :)

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