My opinion on the current state of the game (positive, so, unpopular?)

    • My opinion on the current state of the game (positive, so, unpopular?)

      I get forums are ideal to discuss changes and actually important things, that being said, I want to present my personal view on the state of the game rn.

      Many people claim the game is dead. Super mega alliances controlling the goddamned black zone! Coalitions like POE, SQUAD, etc buying their Season Wins! HO making the black zones safer than ever. No risk vs. reward at all! Corrupted meta is disgusting! Hallowfall still top 1! X weapon/weapon tree died/ is dead because of a nerf/because it needs a buff! ETC ETC ETC

      Yes, most certainly all of that is true. We keep posting about it, feedback is essential to make things better, and we hope those things can be improved, I know they can. Now, there is also some fatalism going on (since... always?). Some make it seem like the game is entirely worthless because all of its mechanics are dumb and don’t work. There I, personally, disagree.

      Ganking is not dead; faction warfare is not dead; zvszs still happen; people do HGs, people do CDs; people hard-flag in red zones even though they risk to get zerged upon; people do Crystals, arenas, open world small scale fights, World Bosses; people duel others in the cities; guilds prepare invasions to Avalonian roads; people do HCEs, people go to Redtree with fake arch accounts to kill guys in T8.3 (not the best thing to list, but it’s still a thing!). All that is happening rn as I write this (seriously there is a Redtree Police pt open in the pt finder >.>) Things are far from perfect, sometimes infuriating, but they are still there, and they can be enjoyed while SBI tries (successfully or not) to make them work, a lot actually.

      Albion Online is not a dead game. It is messed up, maybe *very* messed up, but I still have a great time with it. So to all the fatalists out there claiming the game is worthless... you have your reasons, but is it really that bad? I find [the game I play, the laughs I get every day with friends, guildmates and random strangers, and its emotionally unstable community] to be worth my time. The world of Albion is shaped by a human community; we could think about it like: “Well, that sucks. We are gonna ruin Albion like we ruin the real world...” :’[ That can be your perspective; mine is more like: “Sheeesh, there is a lot to fix here... yo look! BW blob in Wyre Forest, BL - Hellion ratting time!”.

      As a friendly reminder, this is a rant and I am not trying to make any serious point. I’m just jotting down a couple thoughts because I can and want to. Thanks for reading. Your patience is greatly appreciated, so are all types of criticism throughout the forum, constructive or not, about in-game mechanics and stuff. I’ve been wanting to make a serious post about icons for a loooong time... maybe I will :whistling:
      Staff of Balance is not dead! Royal March was* :)