Is it worth to play albion without premium?

    • Of course it is. You can pay for premium with in-game currency so you don't have to spend real money. For a new player 8m silver may sound like a lot, but if you keep playing you will realize its not really that much.

      It's worth mentioning that depending on the monthly challange reward, the included mount can be worth over 1m itself, on top of that you will get chests that can contain silver bags, focus potions and other goods, and the overall value of those may be like ~2-3m(i'm just guessing) Not to mention the bonuses you get, so eventually premium really pays for itself.

      You can still play the game without premium and enjoy it, it's just that it will put you behind in progression of your character.
    • The perks of premium are significant, but the game is more than playable without. As premium is simplistically "pay-2-faster-progress" mechanic in albion. Playing without premium is a -50% handicap in fame+silver than those who do have it. Not game breaking, but noticeable.