Healers were nerfed in the CDG, but what about the nature blight Staff?

    • Healers were nerfed in the CDG, but what about the nature blight Staff?

      This build is becaming into a cancer.

      Almost impossible to get, heal like hell., posion + helmet + boots, they take 50% of your HP, run, and them recover the health and just do it again. Isn't this combo too OP?
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    • RafaSegala wrote:

      It could be mobility issues, but nature doesn't take heal sickness like the holy
      Holy does not use damage Q because it has a very long cast time, including he fact that you cant cancel casts past 60% which makes it unworthwile to use in a kite-poke game plan where healers prevail in CRD situations. So the solo heal Q is their only option, the exact reason they have healing sickness in the first place (W and E spell slots do not contribute to sickness).

      On the other side of coin druids have a very good on paper Q healing spell which allows they to move while regenerating, the downside being that healing sickness activates at 9 stacks total over 60 seconds disregarding the sequence of application, which turns it against their favour considering they have good self-buffs and great E healing capabilities under the previously mentioned buffs, so picking it would only be massively detrimental.
      Although they have good survivability tools which also allow movement during it, they lack any hard CC unlike the holy which has knockback and knockup on W and E respectively, the E additionally boasting a true I-Frame.

      Holy is weak to any form of hard CC or displacement due to commital-heavy buttons with heavy stand/cast-times and burst damage for those times they have to get in to discharge the Mage Cowl and Poison. Also weak against zoning-heavy classes that can pressure the user to trigger healing sickness outside of poison's range.
      Druid is weak to purge due to being heavily buff-reliant or spells that limit mobility (slows/roots impact druid more due to a lack of leaps, unlike holy) and classes that cat stick to target like swords with constant movespeed or spears with ways to keep target in place.

      In general your gameplay should be something like this:
      • VS Holy: Use windows of engagement to deal maximum burst and win trades OR zone out the holy user from a safe distance to pressure them into triggering healing sickness OR Use CC to keep the holy user in place.
      • VS Druid: Chase down and dispupt druids mobility before they can recover from cooldown OR Use purge/CC to disrupt their escape and hinder recovery to win trades.
      - You're a monster.
      - Am I?
    • i mean nature was always there it just never saw the light of day
      cause you know "one shot plate" tombhammer, holy, ect ect

      pretty sure me and @Trial_hard had this conversation before
      on why i proposed to nerf nature to be a pure healer weapon by nerfing thorns to the ground

      while he defended it saying that its the only way nature feel like nature
      and why it did not need any nerfs

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