Suggestion - Do a PVP mode similar to a casual Moba?

    • Suggestion - Do a PVP mode similar to a casual Moba?

      Greetings, first apologize if something is not well understood because I am translating this with google transtate, I trust that it is well understood.

      My suggestion is not how well received it will be, and I am sure that at some point the studio will have considered creating such a mode, but basically it would be to study the formula to create a mode, just as there are different PVP modes (which are based on dominance ).

      Do a kind of queue PVP mode, similar to a MOBA or a siege. With 10 or 20 people, with breaking objectives such as doors (like towers) and being able to even enjoy an object store so that any player can play.

      I think that there is nothing wrong with teaching people what the end game is like, and that someone can play a mode, where they can try different equipment, and high-level weapons (imagine a Moba-type game item purchase system) and then you have the feeling that in the free world you can do that.

      Sometimes it is hard to invest time in a type of weapon and realize that it is not the one you want, it can be frustrating, also I think that the sooner people can test what team play and the synergies of the classes are. , in different ways. Many more people will understand what the game is, which unfortunately, it is difficult to understand what albion offers with the current tutorial and watching youtube videos.

      League of legends is very famous and this game has a lot of skills based on it. Why not use it to attract players or facilitate the operation of this wonderful game?

      I am not saying that it has to be MOBA type, I think that many types of objectives could be created, but taking that base of attacking / defending your castle while killing and buying objects, it seems to me something that would bring ease of understanding to the game and it would allow you to better understand what character you want in albion.