Albion going back to their old "P2W" "P2P" ways????????

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      Sponik wrote:

      Its just 10$... if you want to craft/spend hours playing this game without paying 10$ don't bother playing.
      Game isn’t good enough for real money
      I mean, depends where from in the world you are. A cocktail will set me back 15, 10 for a month of fun doesn't sound too bad.

      Anyway, who the fuck asks for Oathkeeper nerf? Lmao

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    • You are CLEARLY mad. No need to deny it.

      From what I observed, Albion has a pay to speed-up-the-grinding system and pay to get focus and buy island system. Can you explain to me why those features makes it P2W? You can make a case that it is P2P but paying is not the only way to play those premium features.
      I believe Albion is more about pay to save time in grinding. SBI gave you a choice, either get premium by paying silver which you can get through grinding or loans, or pay real money to skip the grinding phase.
      You whine about daily wage nonsense. Those people who cannot afford can choose to grind the hell by gathering until they reach 8.5m silver to buy premium.

      I want to share to you my story.
      I saw an Albion ad. The ad showed about owning an island and becoming a farmer. That convinced me to play Albion.
      However, I found out that you can only farm on an island. You can only have access to an island if either somebody else rents an island or you buy an island. (I learned the former much later so what I only knew is that I should buy an island. And also, I did not know where to find those rentals until literally today, which does not ultimately matter since those rentals have cost)
      So I have to buy an island, so I have to have a premium.
      There are two ways to get a premium, either to spend $10 to buy premium or to make 8.4m silver (at that time) in game. (In my country, $10 is slightly above the daily minimum wage.)

      Do you know what I did? I did not whine like you.
      I gathered and traded like hell for a month (which is considered by many as slow, but what can I do? I am a newbie and I am bad at pvp). I sold what I gathered and also traded goods (firstly the luxury goods, and then some secret goods I won't tell you) from Lymhurst to Caerleon and vice versa, and sometimes Fort Sterling, basically risking my capital to gankers.
      I got ganked a lot. I am really bad at avoiding them. But still, I persevered.
      And now, I bought my hard-earned premium.

      There are NO excuses. If you want to farm but do not want to spend $10, then grind the hell or take loans from your friends or be a beggar.

      Make your lazy ass work if you don't want to pay. Or quit and find better games out there. Sorry SBI but there are a lot of better games out there.
      I am disgusted by you using the poor to justify your laziness.

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