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      First, sorry for my english.

      I wanted to give u my opinion about hellgate. An incredible functionality but so uneven and unfair...

      Let me explain: the healer.
      It is the only one reason that make me sad in this game. This gap between comp with healer and without. Maybe its not the healer but the combo item and weapon that wears.
      First reason : an aberation "Robe of Purify". This item complety destroy the dps, ranged or melee same deal. This item is so powerful to prevents a dps from putting down its game and in addition the healer can heal. Hope this item nerfed soon maybe reduce max quantity of knock back. This item is a counter for every dps.
      Second reason : heal ration. Think its to easy to heal without taking risk in hellgate. For the dps melee u need to be in the cac that expose u to take more damage. For the healer u just need to heal without take any risk. Think this need to be reworked too, maybe when heal is generated that can be put a debuff on the healer, something.
      Thrid reason : why heal have so much knock back. I know its for this defense but have sometime u cant touch him !

      Think healer, is good in any case and i love heal but in hellgate it is so so powerful. Think need rework about heal only on hellgate.

      PS : Cleric cowl need nerf too XD so powerful tempo item but 4.5sec its too much.
    • 1. To avoid knock back u can use knight helm.

      2. They already did it with the cta update. if they nerf more, healers will no longer be playable at gates.

      3. Try to play healer, and u will see how much work u have. There is a lot of risks, u get killed if missplay one single skill against double dps or healer+dps.

      4. No, the game will not be like u want just becouse ur comp doest work or u dont know how to play it. Cc+dps comps are still meta and double dps can have a good win rate.

      Some people say "healer are ez and dumb to play", but no one wanna heal in 5s and if u check there is always pings for healers in 2s. There is a lot of demand for it, can u say why?
    • Maybe maybe i just say what i see in hellgate and my feelings. Maybe just change the hellgate and avoid combat only healer/dps vs healer/dps and dps/dps vs dps/dps.

      70% of my hellgate is heal/dps. And they have good winrate, so i think there is some posibility to "nerf" or reduced the chance of this comp to win.

      Anyway, any meta is unfear XD always there is people like me who give will come to complain.