Zorva's Guide to Wealth and Prosperity

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    • Zorva's Guide to Wealth and Prosperity

      Zorva's Guide to Wealth and Prosperity

      Note: This piece is meant to be informative and entertaining. Read my sarcasm at your own risk.

      As many of you may have noticed, there are a lot of noobs as well as older players, who bank their gear and pretend to be poor, that continually beg in the streets. Some have even gone so far as to dance for money using nude female characters, but we all know its a bunch of dudes playing these characters. Nice try with the marketing though. For the record, if any of you give silver to these people, I question your life decisions and urge you to get help. Due to the large numbers of beggars I assume there is a large portion of the population that is either poor or lazy. For this piece I'll assume the former. Some members of the Round Table have urged me to write a guide on how to make and invest silver in order to deal with this crisis and improve the Albion economy. If you follow my guide, you will never run out of silver again in your Albion Online career, unless your an impulsive spender in which case I can't help you. Let's get started!

      In order to build your wealth in Albion Online, or the real world for that matter, you must understand two key principles:

      1. A poor man works for his money. (I'm assuming many of you don't own the means of production or have scarce resources and fit into this category, which is also why your reading this in the first place.)
      2. A rich man has his money work for him. (I'm assuming many of you don't fit in this 1% club, but I'll get you there. If you are a part of this club, why are you reading this? Go back to getting richer and oppressing the poor!)

      Once you wrap your head around these principles, in particular principle two, it will lead you to prosperity.

      Building Your Initial Wealth

      Unfortunately, we are all going to start out as the poor man. It's unavoidable...like death, taxes, and human stupidity . This means that you will have to work for your initial batch of silver and despite what some players may say there are no shortcuts on how to get there. Here are some strategies:

      1. Journals. If your gathering, bring some journals. If your crafting, bring some journals. If your fighting in dungeons, bring some journals. It doesn't matter what you do in Albion just make sure you bring journals with you as once they are filled they are worth substantially more that the cost of an empty one. If you don't like free money like Oprah handing out 300 free cars, then don't bring journals.

      2. Personal Island. Some of the money you make initially you will want to invest in your personal island. You are most definitely going to want to establish some farms as soon as possible. Sure you'll feel like your playing Farmville, Farm Town, or Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley for those with better taste, but your silver account will thank you for it. Farms are an excellent source of passive daily income especially as you get to higher levels of farming. For example, if you get to tier 8 pumpkins, you can get 400 pumpkins a day and about 3 seeds from 5 farm plots. The pumpkins are about 135k a day while the seeds are about 25k each for a daily total of 250k. Getting 250k a day for only 8 minutes of your time has a huge impact on your long term financial wealth. And some of you thought going to college was a better idea than farming. Next, you'll want to embrace the ways of the American South and invest in some laborers (Player ban in 3,2,1...). It is advised that you have at least one of each laborer, 3 are recommended, on your personal island so that you have a source of journals and extra resources. For this you will need to build a house and get a table, bed, and trophies for the laborers. Some players will make the argument that you can buy journals for cheaper from the market and in most cases this is true but not always. It's good to have a backup source of journals. You can also return journals to laborers to receive free resources every day, which can add up if you want to craft. It is recommended that you instead sell the journals as they are worth substantially more than the resources you turn them in for. You can skip the grind of leveling up your laborers by purchasing the tier of laborer you want from the market via a laborer contract.

      3. Gathering. This is the best way to build your initial wealth. Most players put their learning points into combat skills but for the new player this can be a huge mistake. Gathering is one of the slowest skills to train in Albion and learning points can speed it up immensely. Also the cost of improving gathering using learning points can get expensive, up to 460 points to unlock tier 8 tools, so it's advised you save every learning point you have for gathering to help you get up the tiers quickly. Only use learning points to get the next tier of gathering tools and do not use it to improve current gathering stats for a tier you can harvest! For gathering, it is strongly advised that you wear gathering gear to increase your yield. Do not mix up gathering gear either! Pick a resource and get all gear for that single resource. In study after study, it is shown that doing so is more effective at bringing in more resources in a gathering trip than wearing different gathering gear. Before going out on a gathering trip it is also advised that you faction flag. Flagging for a faction means you can earn faction points while gathering. Earn 3,000 points and you've passively earned around 40k if your getting hearts. Once you hit tier 5 resources, it is also strongly advised that you invest in Avalonian tools. Depending on the tool, you can bring in an extra 10-20% resources in the same amount of time. Using food, you can boost this percentage further with pies by 5-15% depending on the tier of pie. The maximum for gear you can have is 7%, 15% on pie, and 20% on tools for a total of 42% boost on resources! This can be further boosted with premium for those who wish to get it. Finally, the more you gather a resource and level up its harvesting skill, the faster you can gather it and the more resources you will get. A highly trained gatherer with good gear can easily bring in 1-3 million in a gathering trip. You'll also want to use fast mounts with good carry weight like a moose to gather. Do not bring slow mounts like an ox into red or black zones and wonder why you were picked off quickly like a fat guy in a zombie movie!

      4. Tier 2. Hold up, what do you mean I can make money on tier two stuff? If you are desperately strapped for cash, you can purchase tier 2 materials such as planks along with tier 2 crafting journals from the market or your laborer and make tier 2 gear to make a cheap buck...like your friend offering to eat all the wasabi on a sushi tray for a dollar. The cost of the filled journals alone covers the full cost of the empty journals and tier 2 resources plus some. I've processed 8k tier 2 planks before with journals into bows and came out with around 400k profit in about 10 minutes of my time.

      5. Faction flagging. If your in Albion and not participating in the black zone, where players go to die then beg their guilds for regears while continually falling behind on their journal taxes, then you need to be faction flagged. Doing a dungeon...flag up. Gathering...flag up. Faction warfare...I mean, if your not flagged I'm pretty sure your doing it wrong. Always be flagged up if your on the royal continent and be making valuable faction points along with the activity your doing. These points can later be traded in for valuable resources.

      Building Your Long Term Wealth

      Ok, so you have followed the tips above and your no longer poor. Congratulations, it means you have a longer attention span, more patience, and better math skills than the majority of the human race now. You have several million silver saved up and now you want to know how you can turn those millions into hundreds of millions or even billions. Luckily for you, I've walked this path and I am prepared to show you how to invest and have your silver work for you. Let's get started!

      1. Recruiter Items. Its no secret that SBI in their infinite wisdom releases a recruiter skin every few months and discontinues that skin. This is perfect for helping the rich get richer and for the poor to despise that fact. When a recruiter skin gets released, it can cost anywhere from 6-8 million. Upon being discontinued, the price can double within 3 months. Stretch that out to 8 months or a year and you are looking at triple the price. Recruiter skins are a long term investment opportunity that can pay huge dividends down the road. This is because as time goes on more players consume them causing them to become increasingly scarcer in the future. Lets say our aspiring rich tycoon invests 30 million in skins, in 3 months he could have 60 million, and in 8 hes looking at 90 million. Our tycoon just made bank by literally doing nothing...sounds like real life CEO's come to think of it. A sound strategy is to invest some money in each batch of skins and put them in the bank. By having multiple sets of skins in storage, while your putting some new skins in, older skins have matured in price and are ready to sell. This is the Albion equivalent of running a wine business but not as tasty.

      2. Enchanting. So let's say your looking at the recruiter items option and said, "That sounds good and all, but I'd like to make silver before I get old and retire". Well I have a solution for that as well. Enchanting is a perfect way for all you Harry Potter fans or 8th level D&D wizards out there to make money in Albion. Before I start, let me begin by saying that this strategy will not count for every item, mainly artifact items. You are going to want to take a trip to your friendly Albion market and in the drop down menu select masterpiece quality. After that, select what tier you want, I suggest 4-6 for you new guys, and look for masterpiece items that are in scarce supply, like Bear Paws, Cultist gear, Boltcasters, and other artifact gear and buy out the market. After doing so, you can usually enchant to the maximum level for far less than what they item sells for at masterpiece, max enchanted in the market. After enchanting the gear, ruthlessly undercut your competition. Buyers in the market will look at the item as a steal, but really, your screwing them over by vastly increasing the price for little effort. For example, I see a masterpiece T4 Bear Paw in the market for 50k and I buy it. The runes for enchanting costs 2.5k, the souls cost 28k, and the relics cost 123k. This isn't a theoretical example by the way cause I just did it moments ago. All together I paid 203.5k for the item and components for enchanting which sounds like a lot. However these Bear Paws currently sell in the market for 520K! I want to flip this item quickly and make my money back fast so I sell it for 400K just to get it out the door. The customer purchasing the item sees it as a good deal and buys it but in reality I just doubled the price of the item for them than if they did it themselves. Talk about capitalism at its best and worst.

      3. Anniversary Banners. Nothing says happy birthday Albion Online than making some money off the occasion. As some of you may have noticed, anniversary banners are pretty cheap during the celebration, like dumpster diving to get your friend a gift levels of cheap or in the case of Albion 8k. At the time of writing this, they are now around 50k. Older banners have climbed to even bigger financial heights. Last years banner is up to 150k and the year before that is up to 395k. Unless you got a D in math class because you were too busy doodling S's on your worksheet, its clear that you can amass huge numbers of these banners for cheap at release and sell it for huge returns later. From 8k to 150k doesn't sound like much, but when you buy hundreds of banners that stuff adds up in just a year.

      4. Black Zone. Join a guild and risk it for the big silver. You can use guild hideouts as a base of operations to gather the good stuff and have protection while doing it. That's not what your parent did and it's why your reading this. If you don't want to join a guild, you can use the rests dotted across black zone as a base of operations. These rests are usually near high tier resources anyway and can be a good substitute for solo players. "But Zorva...I usually die when I get into black zone." Well, don't use the roads and don't use the edges of each map to travel. You want to be in that sweet middle ground where there's no resources and where no one hunts for players. It's also the best area to make a getaway if needed. Also, get a fast mount with decent carry capacity. Most of you die because you thought an ox was a great idea. I've seen some people use an unprotected mammoth in black zone, much to my amusement and benefit.

      Is this a comprehensive list on all the ways to build and invest wealth? No.
      Will information in this piece change in time as more people tinker with the information? Possibly.
      Why didn't you list all the ways to make or invest money? Think of this as a starting guide. That and I can't have the masses taking all of my income.
      Are some of these concepts a general rule of thumb and not set in stone? Yes.

      I hope you all enjoyed the guide and found it informational as well as entertaining. None of the jokes or sarcasm in this piece is meant to be personal. Now get out there and make the big bags o silver!
      Alpha and Beta Tester, Legendary Founder and Starter, Recruiter
    • Due to recent complaints I feel obliged to leave this last ditch and fail proof way to reach wealth and prosperity in Albion Online.

      If all else fails, or if you don't have the patience for all this...be that guy, or gal...pull out a credit card...type in the numbers on the front and back...put in the owner of the card (in this case your parents name for most of you)...and welcome yourself to the Hidden Order of the Wallet Warriors, also known as Whales for short. Congratulations, you've now experienced instant gratification and you don't have to read my long essay.
      Alpha and Beta Tester, Legendary Founder and Starter, Recruiter
    • Or just get good at PvP.

      This guide also lacks the most important part of sustaining a long term economy, a focus based specialization.

      Not sure how you can make a wealth guide without mentioning refining alts, crafting alts. etc.
      All the noobs turn into savants when they get to the balance thread.
    • Nice guide for beginners!

      But "what not to do" is also something that needs to be mentioned.

      Some of my personal experience:

      1) Avoid Red-Zones:
      Red Zones are cancerous unless you travel there with a full group or at least with a group of 3 including yourself.
      What i experienced so far is that blackzone is way more chilled than red ones.

      2) Dont accept duels blindfolded.
      Many of the new players just wanna test their skills without noticing a bet.

      3) Dont attack other players in any way if you just wanna flee:
      Thats a bit of a tricky.
      I had to learn it the hard way. When i engaged a full loot situiation i just wanted to get away but i hit a damage skill (the first W on the dagger) just to get away quicker.
      I had no idea that im not able to change maps after damaging somebody.
      Just run as fast as possible or you get robbed as quicker as you can type "plz no".

      4) Make sure you dont have "Auto Respec" enabled in the upper bar of the "B" Menu
      Auto-Respec is a nice addition to level things faster, but it burns a lot... and i really mean a lot of silver in the long term.
      Dont activate it unless you have an acceptable ammount of silver and/or a goal which weapon/equipment type you wanna level.

      5) Tornistor (An alternate kind of bag) can also be a huge money sink.
      Allthough it´s basically similar to the "Auto Respec" as mentioned above, it also could cause a huge silver loss.
      Make sure to carry regular bags or at least change the passive on the tornistor to prevent yourself burning silver while killing mobs.

      What i also have to mention... regarding journals.
      Journals need to be bought either from Marketplace or from an employee.
      Yes! Full journals are a good way to go but merc journals are a different story.

      For example... if you fill a fishing journal (which imo is one of the most valueable) it needs a lot more time to fill them but you get 3 to 4 times maybe even more out of it by selling them.

      Merc journals on the other hand, not even double in value most of the time.
      You need to pay at least 3k+ for an empty t5 one at an employee, right now even 4k+ on the marketplace.
      In the long term, merc journals only make sense to me if you employ some of them on your island.
      Not to mention that you get a free book everytime they return from work.

      I just looked at the market of lymurst and a full merc journal is worth about 3.1k so it´s allmost, if not less worth than an empty book.

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    • Blenfjorn wrote:

      Nice work. I am wondering what the complaints were. ?(
      I had two players ask me if there were even faster ways of making silver because they didn't want to wait for investments to mature, play the market, risk it in black zone, or grind for hours. I told them that there was a method I know of that can produce around 60M in 2 minutes. They wanted to know what the secret was so I posted it. I'm surprised they couldn't figure out what I meant when I stated that. :D

      Zentiic wrote:

      Or just get good at PvP.

      This guide also lacks the most important part of sustaining a long term economy, a focus based specialization.

      Not sure how you can make a wealth guide without mentioning refining alts, crafting alts. etc.
      In the conclusion it clearly states this is a starting guide and doesn't have all the methods of making silver. I could write an entire book on how to make money in this game from butchering, using alts, supporting multiple personal islands on several accounts, controlling scarce markets, managing property in the city, stacking crafting specializations, city crafting bonuses, and more. I have 3 billion in assets and silver on my account and most of what I make nowadays I've been giving to my clan by stockpiling their armory with M.3 gear. I didn't feel like writing a book and I wrote this to help new players get started while at the same time interjecting some humor. I think I will create videos on each method of making money that I know of in the future and I feel like showing players how to do things is better than having them read a bunch of text for some methods as things can get technical. For PvP, not all players are skilled in this area and even with training some still struggle so I tried to include steady, time tested methods of making silver that is easy to follow. I appreciate the feedback and you are right on both accounts that players can make a killing using focus based specialization and PvP if they become skilled at it. :thumbup:

      Harondale wrote:

      Nice guide for beginners!

      But "what not to do" is also something that needs to be mentioned.
      That list would be longer than the "what to do list" =O . You give some great sound advice and bring up good exceptions to the rule, such as the mercenary journals. If the market is high, selling them can still make silver. If the market is low, well good thing we have laborers to give us the silver. Thanks for posting and helping the new guys out!

      Blenfjorn wrote:

      The funny thing is that some of the dancing beggars are actually female players. I know a couple female players with begging alts. But yeah, most are definitely dudes.
      Most are dudes and it isn't worth the risk. I ain't paying for no sausage party...but I know some players who have. ;)
      Alpha and Beta Tester, Legendary Founder and Starter, Recruiter
    • Blenfjorn wrote:

      Zorva wrote:

      ...but I know some players who have. ;)
      Yes, Libby told me that story as we recently discussed in game. LOL
      Was there a male player hitting on me? Yes.
      Was I a male playing a female character? Yes.
      Did I tell him I wasn't interested? Yes.
      Did he persist and even give me gifts? Yes.
      How do I feel about the situation? Hey, if there's a dude willing to shower me with free gifts because he wanted to make me a waifu.....that's just a damn good business opportunity. I feel dirty even to this day, but the silver was good. :D

      Blenfjorn wrote:

      So........... This happened and I felt it was appropriate to share. I blocked out the name of the person but check out this conversation where someone asks me how to make money and I refer them to this thread.

      Perfect example of why I posted the last ditch and fail proof way to reach wealth and prosperity. 60M for 2 minutes...can't get any faster than that!
      Alpha and Beta Tester, Legendary Founder and Starter, Recruiter