Devs please update the chat to allow more customization/basic QoL fixes

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    • Devs please update the chat to allow more customization/basic QoL fixes

      This is about how little options there are in the chat in this game for the damage numbers. Either when dealing damage to a player or a player deals it to you, when you get heals back, etc. This is important for someone such as myself because I actually do wanna sometimes go all nerd while playing my cds and see exactly what my damage was against the enemy player or what their damage was to me. How much heals I got back during the fight, how many heals they got, how much dmg did my poison pot do. How much did my poison pot actually boost my overall damage by?

      But instead after getting a kill in a cd you're forced to rush the dungeon as you can still get invaded if the main boss hasn't spawned yet if you wanted to open up ur damage tab and see what's what. So you're kinda forced by way of how these cds are inherently designed to just wait until you get back to town or just generally a safer place.

      Except there's a problem. There's no way to separate my mob damage given from the player damage. Unless I'm missing something and I mean I've looked around and there's like 2 options for the chat in the options so uh. I'll give you an example of the endless streams of pages that I'm forced to look through just to finally get to dps numbers I did to the enemy player/they did to me. Ofc the "damage taken" option also records literally any damage you take from mobs or traps so same problem there...

      And it just goes on and on and on and on

      God I don't care how much damage I'm doing to the dumb Enthralled Heretic Mage he can go suck a popsicle for all I care

      7minutes of logs to scroll through just to get to my dps numbers. ok

      Oh great gotta do the same thing in my other tab to find out how much damage the enemy player did to me. Wonderful.

      The worst part is there's no scroll bar to be able to just easily go up and down to your hearts content. Unless I'm wrong I mean please tell me if I'm wrong my hand is dying from scrolling so much. I need to scroll my mouse wheel 5000 times just to get to the information I actually care about. You know what I have to do while doing the dumb pve in your CDs devs after killing a player? I want to know how much damage was exchanged so I'm being forced to multi task doing pve mobs while scrolling my mouse wheel up and up and up if I did any previous bosses/mobs. This is especially horrible if you play something like cursed where the optimal thing to go is q1 stacks with grudge, with poison pots, with cursed skull e individual dot, oh my god it's so much information I don't care about it's insane.

      • 1) please please PLEASE add a scroll bar to chat
      • 2) let me ctrl+f, same as in a notepad file, to search for exact keywords and even player names. I want to know how much damage I did to PlayerA -> ctrl+f in chat -> dialog box opens & I type "PlayerA" chat goes exactly to when that last happened. Boom problem fixed.

      • 3) Add an option to actually separate, if a player so desires, player damage numbers from mob/environment damage numbers along with #2.
      • 4) Give us options like letting us change the color for specific words that'll show up in chat. Say for example I'd always wanna set it so when I see "...was killed by rottencheese"

      I've set the chat settings so it's not the same color as the rest of the mundane white. Maybe make it a cool aqua green or sky blue so I can easily distinguish it from the rest of everything. Also for you pve players out there why not be able to change individual colors for individual mob names? You wanna see how much dmg you did to the skeleton guy or the whatever frost freeze chicks & easily be able to tell which is which in your damage tab? Why not right?

      No.. it's ofc the same font and same color as the rest of the below/above mob dmg numbers so sometimes I'm scrolling so much I will actually miss when I do damage for an enemy player, like compared to the absolutely sheer overwhelming way the game spams mob damage compared to the tiny sliver of player damage, where it all looks the same anyway, yeah it's not as uncommon as you think. Freaking IRC chat back 10-15 years ago had more options than a chat for an MMO. Laughable.

      • 5) Last suggestion and I've wanted this for 9 months or longer at this point - please let us add custom sound files for when I get whispers into my chat. I keep chat hidden, meaning I leave auto hide chat enabled & on top of that have a individual specific tab where nothing is displayed, no whispers, no guild msgs, no nothing, so I'm not surprised by a random box while doing 1v1 cds and getting tilted off of that bc someone wanted to send me a message. I start to feel bad of course about how it really does take me sometimes 2 hours to get back to a whisper, having someone think I'm ignoring them, but how am I supposed to know I ever got one? Live in chat 24/7? lol I'm a 1v1 cd main I don't need chat unless I'm checking damage numbers.

      Back in my Team Fortress 2 days the customization was so vast you could even change the damage hitsound in tf2, you could literally upload whatever .mp3 and make the indicator sound like whatever you wanted. Ya even had custom huds where players could've just added this stuff themselves. SBI would probably ban you though if you wanted to make a custom HUD knowing them. But in this MMO that's a game designed to be shared and experienced like some virtual kingdom I can't set a simple sound, my own sound, I don't trust you devs to give me a sound that won't be annoying, just so I can get a little tiny little ding if someone whispers me? You devs tryina keep me forced to play your cds for the rest of my life or somethin? Like some damn hobbit? There's an option to enable a sound when someone comes online, but not if someone whispers me so I don't take my attention from doing w/e hardcore content is left in this game?

      Or maybe I have it wrong, maybe there is a sound that shows up but it's forced to always be turned on with that first notification? A notification that's completely pointless to me? Like take steam for example. You can actually separate a friend coming online from when they message you. How long has steam been around? Hell how long has IRC been around that let you do the exact same thing?

      Oh my god. You have an option for this but not for individual guild messages? Whispers? Party messages? Come on guys....
      Don't forget capes are purge-able, this means if you're using martlock cape for example against a black hands that he may simply purge the capes ability. Also keeper cape is purgeable etc.

      What's allowed to be changed in the Albion client…riendlies_damage_numbers/

      How to use the in-game chat options


      When does this "or" come into play?

      Did you guys mean displays damage you've taken from players and mobs without being able to choose which?

      Displays the damage you've dealt to players and mobs without being able to choose which?

      Display a message that gets spammed in caerleon market giving me information about player suicides. I just couldn't handle living without knowing poontang69 suicided at O 15:00 hours. Ty devs.
      Don't forget capes are purge-able, this means if you're using martlock cape for example against a black hands that he may simply purge the capes ability. Also keeper cape is purgeable etc.
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      I still either have to keep chat open which clogs my screen or I still need to break my scroll wheel for 30 seconds when it's safe to look at damage numbers against an enemy opponent
      Don't forget capes are purge-able, this means if you're using martlock cape for example against a black hands that he may simply purge the capes ability. Also keeper cape is purgeable etc.