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      Taladome wrote:

      We as players can compromise but the company has a fixed amount of income that must be met, if not, it's game over for everyone..

      It's almost like you actually know what you are talking about, lmao. I'm not even gonna elaborate, since you are just retarded. You can type this arrogant bs about how things HAVE TO be done, and how no one is getting your problem with AO, while the only problem here is that it's not a game for you. You literally could ask to change the setting to sci-fi or change combat to turn-based (we had another clown who ACTUALLY did it) as well. Go use your bright mind and wisdom on another game that you will play sitting on a toilet. AO certainly has plenty of troubles, but none of them were mentioned here.

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    • Metteia why don't you grow up a little or at least get your parents permission before posting online? My 10 year knows better...We are having an adult discussion so either act like an adult or show your true colors some more and see about having your forum account locked. We don't use the R word anymore, get with the times.

      As for that quote, you haven't been playing online very long if you do not understand that a company must strive to please the greatest number of players or else they will not make enough to keep the game. Heh, many companies even close down games that make profit, but not enough profit to tie up so many resources that could be used to make more money on another project. You know about this | | much about what it takes to keep a game alive, so try again..
    • Imagine being as entitled as OP. this is so mindblowingly stupid.
      How far up your own ass do you have to be to actuallly demand the core game mechanic to be changed because you (aka. the center of the fucking universe) don't like it.
      Retards like Taladome are the worst, most toxic people in gaming.
      People like this game for the same reason people play any hardcore game. The danger of losing your stuff is what makes it exciting.
      OP should play WoW or any other carebear MMO, there are enough of them out there.

      Taladome you are the prototype of a Karen
    • Dude Taladome, I havn't read such an amount of toxic, entitled, self centered bullshit in a while.
      Go play WoW or FF14 if you are too mentally weak for a full loot mmo. Nobody will miss you and the game will do fine without carebears like you.
      We love this game because it isn't the shitty soft washed Themepark MMO you demand it to be.

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