Armor of Tenacity main skill rework

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    • Armor of Tenacity main skill rework

      When comparing Jacket of Tenacity against its leather peers the jacket of Tenacity always ends having big problem: Point and click condition
      The Jacket of Tenacity has to get close enough to the ranged target or the melee target to be able to use the resistances plus the damage so changing that can be a simple yet really healthy change for this armor piece, think that if the skill changes to instant instead of point and click the damage buff is really busted, so the change could be like this:

      Dynamic defense / Onslaught
      When used the wearer obtains 51 of physical and magic resistances
      All damage increases to 15% (Optional)
      Also you get 28 CC resistance

      The point of this change is to make the Jacket of tenacity a berserker type of armor, since leather options give life steal and bloodlust and other ways to survive having an unstoppable force enables melee users to be more aggressive and also not have a problem with healing sickness.
      The duration can be the same or longer since it doesn't help the user to break any limit through its statistic boost.
      The damage increase is a really hard thing to even think about since giving it a flat increase can be really hard when royal sandals make a good pair with leather armors, so I don't really know who to stablish a good option with damage since it already has a 30% base damage increase.