[EN| DE] IMPAVIDUS Gilde Looking for new active players

    • [EN| DE] IMPAVIDUS Gilde Looking for new active players

      Hello dear reader ^^ ,
      I and an old buddy from Albion Online, where we have known each other for 2 years, have a guild that we worked together in the Bridgewatch.
      The two of us came very far, but we notice that we are reaching our limits. :S X/ :/

      Therefore, we want to change something about our guild. :!:

      We wanted to achieve a certain base for new players and we managed to do that.

      From today, July 31st, 2021 we are looking for new members for our guild IMPAVIDUS:
      1. We offer a guild island tier [5/6]
      2. Free fee for repairs on the island
      3. All guild members do not have to pay any or 0% tax => [Tax payment system is hired and increased from every 25 guild members. Until then, that will be addressed in good time in the guild.]
      4. We have our own Discord server.

      5pm to 11pm for level up and better gear :!:
      Have fun in the game. Become a new large entity and expand the guild
      -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
      Because of PVP:
      As soon as several players are online and active and there is more experience together, we will look at
      PVP / Black / RED Maps.
      -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
      Interested? Then introduces you below and enters your game name at the end.
      I'm looking forward to your letter. 8o

      Bigboss3008 ~ Gregor

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