Remove Crystal Prestacking

    • It would be nice but kinda hart to implement.

      Imagine you stack of a crystal as you run past it and your wanderlust gets purged.

      If they could find a way to properly implement it, I see no reason to rid the world of stargods.
      All the noobs turn into savants when they get to the balance thread.
    • i say leave it as it is. seasoned players know who to counter sword players even after the many sword buffs this patch

      its only the new players who dont know and gets one shotted by claymore/ other swords

      without the pre stacking on crystals/mobs in the CD swords E are weak so weak in fact its like they do not have an E at all

      they need every advantage they can get. its called skill and knowing the limits of your opponent

      at least swords have counter play- ish when compared to the hit and run meta a while back
      those tomb hammer/ 1h mace/ quater staff deal more damage than no stack sword E and could run away with it

      so swords stacking E on crystals is completely fine

      take a look in the thread above and give your likes and comment to make this a reality

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