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    • Indonesia Text Channel

      Soooo we(indonesia) got a lot of prob in ur game, especially some of us not that good in english or any other language, except our mother language
      and everytime we texting in english channel, even just 2 word of indonesian language. we got muted 3 days or just a simpel warning(but more likely we get muted XD)
      So i hope albion online creating Indonesian Text Channel in the future(ASAP if u can... i mean just adding new channel... is it that hard? like adding new table to ur database XD)
      and some of new text channel to another language like turkey or... idk.

      Best regards

    • Agreed , disappointed for the mute. ( I see so many philippines players too using chat ) If you wont fill up the chat bar just add it on setting so we can add a new chat bar ourself. :D

      Best regards
    • As a fellow Indonesian i agree with your point, i've also noticed some significant growth on Indonesian player base recently and based on that statement i really hope that the devs would accomodate our needs. But i think making an unmoderated chat tab would be a problem for the devs too, and thus i would like to suggest my fellow Indonesian player to apply for mods as well to help our lovely albion developers to make changes and accomodate our community.

      Also check this post that storm make to help our SEA buds to have their own place too :…ostID=1162335#post1162700

      Much love, MamangJebret.