PvP free for all after tutorial island.

    • PvP free for all after tutorial island.

      Hear me out, you have the ship that takes you to the main island, add a knock down game mode as a small mini game with small rewards.
      • You can opt in thus earning these rewards or skip it for no inconvenience to anyone wanting to speed run tutorial island and hop in the game.
      • Max of 5-10 players at a time.
      • Fame tomes and silver bags allowing newer players a small boost to their economy
      • Allows new players to be inclined to PvP early in the game, the sooner they are introduced into these mechanics the faster they can build confidence in themselves.
      I think after this next major content update (hoping it hits the mark for the player base) I think we should continue to explore introducing incoming players to more then just the basics, there has to be a deeper explanation into how player interaction works in the open world for these newer players so they're confident in exploration.
      P.S. Stupid is as stupid does, I will never tired of the saltiness that comes with unexpected loss, and the posts that come from them, but SBI could do better hooking newer players into the true hook of albion, instead of cowering. 100mil kill fame vs 1m kill fame, mechanics are mechanics, and if you understand them, skill expression shines until n+1 and even in n+1 situations the game can still be fun! (I'm not going into cluster que drama here just a suggestion)