In-Game amenities

    • In-Game amenities

      I have two prop[ositions that will definitely make the game better. when upgrading items, it would be fitting for the game to automatically show the number of runes, souls, relics needed. this will improve the game and not be boring because 6 hours of upgrading things and the 4 hours of counting the runes and souls you need is a bit boring, the ability to click to upgrade everything, not singly.
      the second improvement is the reduction of the time after knockout in the yellow zone from 3 minutes to 1.5 minutes because it is very annoying if I have to wait 3 minutes when I get up and it makes no sense.
      one more on red zones, black zones and paths Avalonian 3 seconds after knockout by mobs because 15 seconds is definitely too long and it makes the game unfair at this time, a player can come and kill me without any effort