A suggestion about 100 spec weapon unlockables

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    • A suggestion about 100 spec weapon unlockables

      Had an idea of unlocking some kind of quest that a player could take from like a hall filled with trainers for each weapon type after a player reaches 100 spec on a specific weapon and when the quest is finished, you get like a fricking sick reskin for that specific weapon.

      - A hall of trainers for each type of weapon. (Requiring 100 sword fighter node and a weapon of choice at 100 <- as an example).

      - 100 specs unlock a difficult and not done in 1 day or a week quest. (Most definitely have something to do with whatever pvp content and pve).

      - Quest gives you a re-skin of the chosen weapon upon completion.

      - The re-skin can't be traded, sold, deleted or dropped upon death in full loot situations. (hard quest, big achievement for flexing on n00bs, so it makes sense).

      - The quest can be done for every single weapon choice, but of course a player would have to be an ultimate head caved in from wearing headphones too much, no grass touching for a massive period of time gaming omega warlord to get the re-skins of every single weapon.

      Albion is lacking actual meaningful achievements that reward players who decide on starting a hard quest or something to have a sick looking item that most gaming warlords would be in awe of it's presence.
      All this game is right now is just gather, craft, refine = rolling in silver or if you're good in pvp = rolling in silver aswell. Nothing but making profit, no meaningful achievements, no nothing, nothing to flex about.