Man, FIX the dungeons PLEASE!!!!!! PLEASE!!

    • Man, FIX the dungeons PLEASE!!!!!! PLEASE!!

      I don't know how it is in Germany, if Albion is a German company, but here in America we do MMO"s different. First off, all the T3 zones have half the freaking zone with NO dungeons. Second, you advertised for more players with mobile and didn't change any algorithms or programming to account for more players. So there aren't NEAR enough dungeons to go around, as well as leaving them open for 60 seconds, how ridiculous. You just begged for GRIEFERS which is what you got. GRIEFING is the American way, and you can't encourage it. Just shut the damn dungeon on entrance, and only for part members. And the loot, omg, wow, how crappy is loot in Albion dungeons? one word, crappy. Beginner bags of silver in a T5 dungeon, lmao. wow. Hire some of World of Warcraft's design team please, would have cooler dungeons, cooler armor, cooler mounts, cooler loot drops, it's just a waste cuz no pvp. If Albion pvp was in World of Warcraft, there would be no Albion. sorry. Ok, open the doors for all the shit talkers.
    • So in t3 and t4 zones, the entrance should absolutely shut for new players so they don't get their dungeons stolen by overgeared safe zone cowboys, with no recourse because you cant flag.
      In t5 zones the should add an ipcap on dungeons so again, newer players trying to get their reaver up can flag and fight if an 8.3 ass jumps in their dungeon to take it. Currently there is not recourse or defense against it.
      I'm also a fan of flagging gatherers for a few seconds in t3-t5 like they walked into a pvp zone if they try to steal a node that someone is ticking. it give the person an opportunity to defend what they are working towards. No recourse put me off gathering for a while.
      Add PvP options in safe zones to make it less safe for rude bully players. they might think twice if they are getting knocked down more and paying repairs and move on to the reds and blacks.