Change name of Trinity Spear to non-religious one

    • irrelevant suggestion based on religion, but if you want to follow your religion i found that to help your departure ... bye , leave your gold by the door! or leave your religion, your choice now!

      "Yes, it is haram according to most actual scholars. Many computer games involve things that are contrary to sharee'ah, such as music, uncovering 'awrahs, venerating the cross, learning violence and committing crimes, and neglecting obligatory duties. Another issue stated by many scholars is images of things with souls."

      'Spin to win'
    • know there's a weapon called "Morning star"?? That's technically one of Satan's name why don't you complain about that?? And you do relies you even playing this game is a sin in your gods eyes???we have characters using magic..... that's a don't even know your own book.Only in 2021 would people complain about this.unreal and pathetic.Sound like a religious Karen ffs.