New "E" Skills

    • New "E" Skills

      Hi everyone,

      I'm here to talk about this idea that I've had for some time and I think many of you have also wondered how cool it would be if it happened.
      In fact, what inspired me to make this suggestion was the recently released video about the future of Albion. In it, we are shown a new mastery system, in which we could go beyond level 100 of our favorite equipment, using silver and fame to become true masters of them. So, specifically talking about weapons and collection instruments, I think it's the perfect time so that when we get to maximum specialization, we're given an epic skill of that weapon. This would revive forgotten weapons and increase the possibilities of those that are only remembered for a few in-game scenarios. What's more, it would bring a real goal for veteran players.
      For clothes, I think a unique look at the maximum level would also be very interesting.
      As these would be unlockable abilities with very high XP requirements, it wouldn't be a problem to balance them over time.
      What did you think of the idea? You believe that the variety of "W" abilities is enough?
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