Killed 0 cool down,speed,invisibility hack

    • Killed 0 cool down,speed,invisibility hack

      I was killed this morning by a player that didn't show up on the map. I went into a solo dungeon and he was instantly untop of me. He started to hit through my shield which I found odd because that isn't supposed to be possible. When I got outside the dungeon a permafrost user was there and so was he. They both went invisible and started repeadly casting their "e" ability. And 10 seconds later I was dead. Couldn't see who I was fighting.

      I thoroughly checked the area because I just dove and killed another player and died to one just the day before.

      It takes at least 2 seconds on direwolf to cross the distance from the edge of the screen to reach portal entrence. And another 2-2.5 to charge to the portal to enter.

      I just repaid for premium as a new returning player. I heard rumors of speed hackers daily in alliance comms being found. But that is gamebreaking.
      Can I get refunded? Is their a class action against Albion I can jump onboard?