I keep crashing 5800x rtx 3080 32g ram

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    • I have a random question that might be related to your crash @minkognommer.
      You are using 32gb of ram, do you at what speed and what is it rated for on specs and did you change anything with it in bios? Or does all of this mean nothing to you maybe?

      I'm asking this because your bsod is giving an error that is also for memory failure, for example a to high overclock or unstable with 4 sticks for example.
      What cpu (processor) do you have?

      I also noticed this game is sensitive to ram stability so i thought i might just ask if you have what i got in mind :)
    • @minkognommer could you also check for the crash.dmp and error.log files and send them to me over private message on forum? And just a question if you've got anything overclocked and in game when you get crashes if there's anything particular you're doing, maybe you could have your task manager open and see if there's any spike in Albion-Online.exe process or anything else at that time?
      • Player.log should be copied right after the crash otherwise it will override the file next time you start the game. You can find it here:
        • Windows: C:\Users\<YourUserName>\AppData\LocalLow\Sandbox Interactive GmbH\Albion Online Client\output_log.txt (note that AppData is a hidden folder so you should have "Hidden Items" checked in your View tab to see it)
        • OSX: ~/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log
        • Linux: ~/.config/unity3d/SandboxInteractive/AlbionOnline/Player.log
        • Android: if you know how to do adb logcat dump
      • crash.dmp and error.log are located in this folder: C:\Users\<YourUserName>\AppData\LocalLow\Sandbox Interactive GmbH\Albion Online Client\Crashes - The folder with the files is named as date and time of the crash.
      @Naveed could you send me all the files I listed above (player.log, crash.dmp, error.log) and DxDiag file and send everything to me over private message?
    • so my ram is gskill 3600mhz cl18 and was running at that speed with docp I have a 5800x so yeah everything is fine on that part I also did a memtest to confirm it
      Now to give you guy a little update it was probably my gpu I did a vbios update with presicionX (EVGA software) and my monitor never came back so it's going for a rma right now

      and sry I can't provide any crash dump atm I have no spare gpu for my computer
    • hi,i couldn't attach all this in pchat so i posted here.
      i searched more about this on google, attached event viewer application log, i am not sure but maybe its unityplayer.dll causing this?
      • Albion Online Client 7_27_2021 10_36_22 AM (2).png

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      • ime_log.txt

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      • Player.log

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      • Applicaton Log.txt

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    • @Naveed ok you can also send me your DxDiag file, if you cannot attach all to private message you can upload it and share via pastebin.com/

      And DxDiag you can get as follows: press Windows Key + R then type dxdiag and confirm with enter, on the DxDiag window there's "Save All Information" button, just use it to save the info and upload via pastebin or whatever filesharing web you like and send it over to me via PM.
    • Naveed wrote:

      any information when this issue will be fixed
      Hey, sorry I don't bring any good news for you. We got same OS and driver version as you to debug it but worked fine without any crashes - might be some hardware issue, maybe overclocked or undervolted (CPU, GPU, RAM). For now I can only suggest trying borderless vs fullscreen mode and try lowe visual quality if it changes anything for you. You can also use the Repair Service option of EAC to check if that was the problem (go to your game folder, default: C:\Program Files (x86)\AlbionOnline\game\EasyAntiCheat and start EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe then press Repair Service). Let us know if anything helped but we're afraid there's little we can do in your case.
    • What happened for me was my undervolt for the cpu was to much which made the game freeze (usually that is for ram oc issues) made me think it was the ram but it's the undervolt that's to much on the cpu.
      Now my ram is running much higher and not crashing anymore because I fixed the undervolting for the cpu with pbo2 curve optimizer. (you can find quick errors in the cpu with OCCT.


      @anyone using a ryzen processor and freeze/crashing this game even if you didn't undervolt it, this can tell if your cpu is getting to little voltage.
      I saw it before in another forum, a stock 5800x had to little voltage and gave WHEA errors (to little voltage as well)

      If you get errors in OCCT it tells you which core it is and you can add a little bit voltage with curve optimizer in bios to that specific core. let me know if anyone need more information about all this.