War Report: The Growing Outlands War

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    • krazzer wrote:

      Do provide information that everyone does not know, and stop posting walls of text with the obvious, of cause a war cost silver etc etc.My math still holds, and regears are not a benefit or reward.

      Just some more math so maybe you can understand it better.
      Player A, attends to 11 CTAs a month, each CTAs takes 2 hours. Thats 22 hours each month, nothing magic about this math right ?
      Now Player A spends 22 hours, where he makes 1m pr hour.
      We are talking about 44 hours of game play here. (some play more, some play less, this is just an example)
      In effect Player A makes 22m pr month, but his average income pr hour is 500k, because he has to spend 22 hours doing CTAs.
      Further he is also gaining half of the PVE fame he could have gotten in the same time frame.

      Here is another example.
      Player A, attend to a CTA, he wears a suit to 500k in value.
      Player A dies in this battle.
      Player A gets a regear, where the mount+food is not included.
      Player A has to buy a mount + food.
      Player A has a income loss !!!!!
      Player A does not benefit from a Regear, because if there wasn't a regear program, even with the loss of income, he wouldn't be in that guild, it's that simple.

      So ya man, i see 0 benefits in fighting on your side, and yes im a greedy person, just like when i get to work every day, i do require a pay check.
      I'm pretty sure u go to work every day, and are happy that your boss provides you with working clothes or should we call it regear in case your working clothes gets damaged..lol
      Player A = probably about to get kicked for being AFK since 11 CTA's a month is extremely bad attendance when High-end ZvZ guilds require atleast 2 CTAs per day / 25% attendance, and if player A can't make that bare minimum then Player A = gets kicked
      Player A dies in battle, player A has to buy a mount + food, Player A = ALSO has 24 hours ( minus 4 hours for 2 cta's lasting 2 hours each = 20 hours minus 8 hours if he works a day job, minus another 8 hours to have sleep to live a healthy and productive life = leaves player A to have 4 hours in a Casual Albion gaming life which if he makes 500k / hour = that's about 2 MILLION silver in total

      Let's do quick maths
      Player A sucks = dies 3 times in 1 CTA (he has to buy 3 Swiftclaws[fastmount bareminimum] since MOST ZvZ guilds require their players to bring 1+2 sets each CTA) avg price of 1pc of swiftclaw = 160-170k - let's use 170k as an estimate reference x 3 = 510k silver. Player A also buys food worth about 4-6k each for flat food x 6 [2 pieces of food for each set] = about 36k using 6k as the estimate reference. Let's also throw the capes in worth 120k x3 = 360k each each In total Player A spends 900k silver estimate per CTA and if he does 2 CTAs a day he spends about 1,800,000 / 1.8million silver for 2 CTAs a day and he makes about 2million silver for 4 hours total of 500k/hr using your rates (despite the average silver making in the BZ being easily 2-3mil per hour if the player is not a potato)

      TL:DR Table because you can't read a wall of text (This is for 6 total sets - player A brings 3 sets PER CTA)
      Cost of 6pcs Swiftclaws = 1,020,000 @ 170k silver ea.
      Cost of 6pcs T7/T8 Flat food = 36,000 @ 6000 silver ea.
      Cost of 6 pcs of 4.3 capes = 720k @ 120k silver ea.
      TOTAL: 1,776,000 silver (at the ratio where player A makes 500k silver / hour and he has about 4 hours to play outside CTA and 4 hours to play for 2 CTAs, as a full-time casual gamer with an 8-hour day job who also sleeps 8 hours a day)

      (This already excludes the gear costs because you get regeared t8 if you were to join a top tier ZvZ guild)

      So for 2 CTAs in 1 day Player A does NOT LOSE INCOME as 2,000,000 silver > 1,776,000 silver (and you bet player A about to loot some mounts and capes too because he's a greedy player who thinks only about profit but does not want to spend time and effort for it

      So basically, using your own reference and rates I proved you WRONG with simple math.

      We have not even considered if player A is a jobless no-lifer that spends his life playing Albion 24/7 with which he can make so much MORE silver even at that shit ratio.

      Take note: being in a top tier ZVZ guild that offers MULTIPLE T8 ZONES with ABSOLUTELY NO GATHERING TAXES, 10% silver taxes and a ton of hideouts for safety means you can easily make 2mil MINIMUM per HOUR in the BZ, and at best 3-5mil if you are efficient.

      1.) So yeah man, I see all the benefits to joining a BZ guild that holds tons of terries and hideouts with sufficient military might and diplomatic relations for stability. You'd have to be some lazy ass player to not make enough silver per hour on your own time.
      2.) The guild is also there to provide gears and food for free to the players if they are in dire lack of silver, being poor is absolutely no excuse to enjoying ZvZ content with premium benefits.
      3.) If PROFIT is your only concern with being in ZvZ guild then you do not belong to a ZvZ guild, you'd best join some random renter guild where you get taxed but you can gather 24/7 or do whatever you need to make profit. The players who want to ZvZ do not concern themselves with specifically making profit, most of the players have every means provided to them in order to generate their own silver, if they are not willing to spend the time or effort then they simply won't make any silver.