Sold items but silvers didn't credit in correctly

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    • Sold items but silvers didn't credit in correctly


      I received 3 emails few hours back said I have sold 3 sell orders (with one 20 x chicken omelletes, one 270 x chicken omelletes, and another one 1 x Novice's scholar robe) for each 9,428 silvers, 127,283 silvers, and 290 silvers. But my account only received 40+K of silvers, the number doesn't add up, it seem to be 90k of silvers short. Please help to check.

    • Hey there,

      please note that with Patch 8, we had a change in how the market mails work (read more about the market mails here). They now work like:
      • Notifications are now only sent when a Buy or Sell Order is completely fulfilled or expires
      • These mails contain a summary of all relevant transactions, and notifications are no longer sent for every single transaction
      Which means you put up 10 items to sell in an order -> you sell 5, receive money for 5 -> buy something else, give away silver, etc. -> sell 5, receive silver for 5 AND receive the market mail that you sold 10 items with the total amount of silver gained.

      We could not detect any issue with the amount of silver received during the duration of sell orders, so please keep in mind how market mails work currently.
    • Hi,

      I'm fully aware that how the notification works, I put up 2 orders for my chicken omelette, as mentioned first one with 20 quantity, second one with 270 quantity. If there were sold at different time, the notification will be on different time. Please refer to the attachment, the notification were sent at the exact same time. It means 2 orders were sold at the same time, whereby the first one with 20 qty sold first and followed by the 270 one. Someone has done a bulk purchase one shot with large quantity.

      And I tracked my silvers and orders carefully as it's very important to this game, if the order were partially sold I would receive the silvers from the partially first, and the notification at the last item sold as you mentioned.

      But in this case, I am sure it was sold one shot. Could you please help to do further investigation on it. As the silver in my opinion the most important thing in this game, if there is a problem with the order system caused miscalculation on the silver, that would really depressing...

      Btw, I hope you don't mark my threat as "not a bug" before there is a consensus conclusion.

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