Simple comment on Sword Changes

    • Simple comment on Sword Changes


      Those changes will be meaningless if you don't add sustained damage by way of damage modifiers to the weapon tree.

      Without damage modifiers it does not matter how much attack speed you add, it does not matter how many abilities you change, as those abilities should have been changed ages ago. It simply does not matter.

      Swords are the only bruiser weapon in the game without a damage modifier, as a result it cant be a bruiser. It lacks sustain damage, it lacks synergy in its own passives. As it stand there is no reason to play swords over axes /daggers /spears.

      And those hamstring changes are overly complicated and will result in a terrible skill, that only looks cool on paper. I will go more in depth on why the hamstring change is disconnected from reality in another post as no one wanted to up my 1mill offer.
    • I want to know what role he is trying to fill with clarent blade. It looks like an absolute mess.
      to be able to use it effectively, you can no longer use the 3rd passive heroic fighting or you will stack charges to quick to pick between the slow, silence, or bleed. The 3 options are short and look like a terrible waste of an E. you can pick one and wait 15 sec to capitalize on it after its worn off, so its not a solo weapon, there is a better slow in the W, and a root. less than a second silence for 2 charge after 15 seconds? so if you want to utilize any other than the bleed you have to stop using your damaging q and let it fall off to get it back up on cooldown...
      This has got to be maybe the worst looking change and nerf I have seen so far, I may be misunderstanding the mechanics though?

      Maybe i'm wrong, please let me know if I misread it, but this looks really really really bad. just keep clarent as it currently is if I'm right. I know its not currently the meta, but I love the clarent blade.
      • Mighty Swing (Clarent Blade)
        • Reworked the ability, it is now called Crescent Slash:
          • Slice the air to shoot a demonic wave in the targeted direction, piercing through all enemies and dealing 172 magical damage. Consumes all Heroic Charges for an secondary effect when the projectile hits an enemy. (You can only get one of the effects, depending on the amount of Heroic Charges, not multiple)
          • Cast Range: 18m / Cooldown: 15s / Energycost: 14

        • Base Damage: 212 -> 172
        • 1 Heroic Charge effect: slows for 20%
        • 2 Heroic Charges effect: silences for 0.8s
        • 3 Heroic Charges effect: applies a Bleed, which deals 24 physical damage per s for 2s.
    • Yes the clarent blade needed changes, but this change is very convoluted and very obviously a mess that will contradict the swords kit.

      Its simple logic, clarent blade has low cooldowns on its E spell, so naturally you would wan to be at 3 stacks so you can take advantage of this up time. If you try to hold on to your stacks or stop stacking at 1 or 2 stacks, with a weapon whos primarily form of damage is burst from the E spell, you end up getting yourself killed just to slow for 20? silence for 0.8 seconds????? its bizarre

      Silencing a group of people with a 0.8 duration sounds great, but wouldn't it be better if they were dead??? so here we have 2 mechanics stuffed into a ability that does not need to be there. I get it they want stacks to be dynamic in its game play. But they underestimate how important reaching 3 stacks is on any sword due to the lack of damage modifiers on the weapon line.

      Well until we get to test it we truly wont know how it all plays out .Until then we have to trust the testers on the NDA discord, which dont have a good track record btw.