Lower Blackzone Map player cap

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    • Lower Blackzone Map player cap

      The game as progressed to a degree where large alliances exist. Guilds massing 120 players alone. When you have organized zerg, spells are used at the same time causing lag. This would help reduce lag for some players and provide an overall better fighting experience.
      Possible problem is that many alliances could be able to queue multiple maps. But I think it would allow for a better fighting experience. Not sure how you guys would test what would be the best cap. 300/350/375. 450 is just too much when everyone casts, it literally ddos the server.
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    • Fuck no, there is already too much standing in clusters, if anything they should remove player caps from zones, so if people wanna bring 1000 shitters to a fight, they'll all get cancer from all the lag or just straight up get disconnected. Actually, that would probably reduce the handholding since wars of major coalitions would be simply unplayable, lol