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      Hello Creators of Albion online,

      First of all: Your game is great. Too good to be true… I’m disabled and do need a Controller to be able to play the game. Both of my tablets have only 2 GB Ram, so I think the only way is to play on my Computer. Is there any way I can go on playing Albion online? Thanx, Arcoressa
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      I know that in the roadmap video that was released at the end of June. The Devs said that they would like to bring Albion to consoles. But that would not happen for at least a year.

      I'm not sure if there is adaptive hardware for PC gaming. Many moons ago we had a player that worked with disabled military veterans and I remember that he had people with many different types of disabilities that had managed to play Albion. Sadly I lost track of him sometime before launch.
      Good luck and Good skill!
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