Introduction of 3v3 Hell Gate - thoughts?

    • Introduction of 3v3 Hell Gate - thoughts?

      As much as I love the current HG options, I feel like we need to introduce 1 more that is between 2v2 and 5v5 and can imagine 3v3 to be a great addition.

      2v2 usually consist of 1 healer 1 DPS and becomes all about who can interrupt / fears / knockbacks the target the most.

      Doesn't feel exciting winning 2v2 HG fights.

      5v5 is amazing but is hard for small team to organise, however 3v3 might be the perfect addition.
      Easier to get 2 other of your mate to jump on HG, can imagine the fights will be a lot more fun than the 2v2 HG.

      Is it just me or what are your thoughts on this?
    • It would be so great if they introduced 3v3. Don't know about 5v5 (BRING BACK YELLOW HG SO AVARAGE TEAMS CAN ACTUALLY PLAY THIS CONTENT), but 2v2 is extremely popular, it often happens that you don't even see mobs when you enter because there is already opponents, so there won't be problem with splitting hg community. I think they could implement 3v3 as temporary mode to test it.