rip solo ganking with poison bow.

    • rip solo ganking with poison bow.

      thx retro u killed bow ganking with change about dot dmg and reseting.

      now every tick refresh my combat and ganking with bow is almost impossible.

      only advetage we had from poison was remount and chasing for kill, by dumb change for CD players bow is totally trash.

      another sweet part of open world killed!

      just thx @Retroman amazing balance!
    • why this is moved to rant, are u retarded mods. another fail balance by our boy retro. this forum and game balance is a joke.

      next patch lets buff open world, RETRO: hold my beer ( NERF,NERF,NERF,NERF,NERF) now go play with 20 ppl cuz no weapons left in solo ganking. :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown:

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