Suggestion to dismount action.

    • Suggestion to dismount action.

      Good morning, I have an idea to dismount.

      Actually in game if you initiate dismount or get forced to because of the enemy attacks you have a cool down before you use you abilities.

      I'm thinking about it and my idea is, for forced dismount you don't have to change anything but for player dismount you can change.

      First player use a different combination of button to FAST DISMOUNT, will appear a bar in screen and in the middle one small yellow one.

      If player press the button in the yellow will dismount with temporary velocity bonus and with all abilities active, if press in the bar will be with all abilities active but without velocity bonus.

      That's idea put a mini game in dismount and you can put the 3d model in the side of mount, that way if enemy see that model is on the side give a opportunity to enemy run or prepare for battle with that guy who started dismount animation.
    • No I`m not, that`s why I imagined one way to make this action more balanced for everyone. The one who isn`t monted can see the animation and where the other guy will fall, them it gives chance to escape.

      I think this because I got ganked without chance of defense and lost all my items because of that dismount action and timing to skills. With this I can stun the enemies and run away or even start a fight like you said. That`s the plan with balanced, even them can see my action of dismount and prepare for fight or run away.

      Can be used in ZvZ fights or even in pvp mode.

      Another suggestion that I think is valid is to show the level of craft and resource colector of the player. It can help to build a collector party. Like me, I have T5 in craft and can collect T5 resources. But I don`t have a party to help me to explore PvP zones, and I`m not strong to kill gankers because of my lack of expertise in itens.
    • My suggestion is not to remove this mechanic, but to improve it.

      For example, when starting the disassembly, the model of the doll could start an animation, such as standing on its side or something like that indicating that it started the disassembly but without stopping the mount.

      The idea of the minigame is to be able to give an advantage, like getting off the horse with the running skill active, or with all the skills ready to use. If you miss the skills, the cooldown will be shorter than that of being knocked down or also.

      I thought about putting the option to cancel disassembly but that could affect gameplay.

      It could be placed if the mount's running skill when canceling was put on recharge because then there would be no way to run away and play with the opponent's mind.

      You can put a new mechanic where if the character dismounts spontaneously, the cooldown time is less than that of being knocked down.