Muted from chat

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  • Muted from chat

    So ive sadly typed a recruitment message into the wrong chat. Was not my intention...
    Im wondering why my message was not posted.. Then i realize ive been muted for 4 hours..

    My suggestion is as follows:
    1. Make the recruit and english channels different colors by default
    2. Remove the message and TALK TO ME BEFORE JUST MUTING FOR 4 HOURS
    3. You are setting people up to fail, you make it to easy to post in the wrong chat by mistake, yet your judgement is swift and the sentence just totally screwed my gameplay for 4 HOURS..

    im a guild leader, have a party in blackzone... Now i cannot communicate for 4 hours due to a single slip up.

    Yes i have made this mistake a few times. Not today but in the past. Im sure everyone has as you make it easy to do so..

    Being muted for such an amount of time is ridiculous.. I cannot play effectively and im watching members die without being able to direct them...

    So thanks very much
    Loyalty till Death
  • Like im in English and help channels helping people out. i switch across.. Help and English is easy to notice before you post.. Recruit and English are the same and EASY to miss..

    You can solve this issue by simply changing the color of Recruitment channel. you cannot be so harsh if you have not taken simply steps to avert this.
    Loyalty till Death
  • Hi there!

    I want to let you know that openly discussing a Moderators decision is prohibited by the forum rules.

    No one here can help you with that, it would be better if you went straight to the Albion Online Support for any moderation related issues.

    You can reach them through the ticket system on the website or just write an e-mail to from the e-mail address that is connected to your account.

    And just for clarification: You do not get a 4 hour mute for using the wrong channel out of nowhere, but there are escalation rules. Which means if this happened a couple times before you will get a longer mute duration each time.

    I hope that clarifies it a little bit, but if you want to know specifics or if you feel treated unfairly then you should contact the support as I cannot see your mute history as a forum moderator and can't look into the details.

    To end this on a good note: I do like your suggestion about different colored chats and would very much like to see that happen.

    I would suggest you make a new thread about that without discussing your own mute at the same time.

    Kind regards,


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