losing silver

    • losing silver

      I was playing just this morning and last night my account has 28.9m silver and just this morning it only has 13.9m.. I didnt buy anything I was just in my guild's HO.. What can I do I'm just a newbie and that was all I got.. Can I somewhat recover my lost silver?
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      There are a couple of things you can look at that may explain what happened:
      • Did you enable the auto-respec feature in your Destiny Board? If you have maxxed out combat nodes, you'll earn combat fame credits that you can use to level your other combat nodes. The conversion process consumes your silver.
      • Did you equip a Satchel of Insight while grinding in a dungeon? The Satchel of Insight also converts the fame you earned to combat fame credits using silver but to a lesser degree compared to Auto-respec.
      • Did you set up a Buy order? A Buy order sets aside your silver to complete your purchase.
      • I know you said you didn't purchase anything, so this rules out buying something overpriced in the your guild's hideout.
      If none of the following situations apply to you, feel free to message the support team so they can check on it. You can send them a ticket here: albiononline.com/en/profile/support

      If you have addtional questions, you can also ask them here.